Halloween Honey to introduce book at Riverfest

Roxy Orcutt – a self-professed “professional Halloween lover” – lives in Anoka and calls herself the Halloween Honey.


Anoka resident Roxy Orcutt, author of “History and Hauntings of the Halloween Capital.”
Anoka resident Roxy Orcutt, author of “History and Hauntings of the Halloween Capital.” Image submitted

Sinking her teeth into her Halloween obsession, Orcutt has written a book examining the long-told tales of ghostly visits in her hometown, the self-proclaimed Halloween Capital of the World.

Although the book won’t be released until Sept. 1, the author introduces her “History and Hauntings of the Halloween Capital” during an Anoka County Historical Society event taking place 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the history center (2135 Third Avenue North, Anoka) during Anoka’s July 12 Riverfest event.

The “History and Hauntings” happening does more than just introduce Orcutt’s book, however. It also serves to highlight the historical society’s Ghosts of Anoka tours, gives visitors a chance to win free tour tickets, and offers an opportunity for folks to share their own ghost stories.

And that’s not all, Orcutt said.

“We are going to have costumed characters portraying some of the more
well-known ghosts of Anoka as well as information on some of the spookiest locations in town,” the Halloween Honey said. “I will be on hand to hear the public’s ghost stories of Anoka, and we will also be compiling a ghost tree for you to share your story.”

Giving a glimpse into her “History and Hauntings of the Halloween Capital,” Orcutt said it “takes a fun and spooky look at the elements that make up the unique town of Anoka. From the rivers along its borders and limestone under foot to the historical locations and rich characters that helped put Anoka on the world map, even to the citizens of the town who seem to stick around long after they’ve long shuffled off the mortal coil.”

“History and Hauntings,” Orcutt said,  blends popular ghost stories of Anoka and attempts to answer the oft-asked question, “Why is Anoka the Halloween Capital of the World?”

Orcutt’s book is due to be released by North Star Press of St. Cloud on Sept. 1. To pre-order the book or for more information, visit HalloweenHoney.com.

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