Golf column: Swinging under control

Swinging a golf club is fairly similar to going for a jog.

Some people go fast, and others go nice and slow. It doesn’t matter what the pace of your swing is, the only deciding factor is that your tempo is under control and producing consistent results.

If you are under control swinging the club fast, swing fast. However if you are more comfortable swinging the golf club at a slower more deliberate pace, swing at that speed.

There are many famous professional golfers who have very quick swing tempos, such as Rory Mcilroy and Bubba Watson.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many great players who have very smooth and rhythmic tempos such as Ernie Els and Freddie Couples. Both speeds work and produce wonderful results, however it is up to the golfer to determine what is best for their swing.

Golfers with unusually fast swings normally do not notice it, it simply “feels natural” to them. Conversely, golfers with beautiful rhythm aren’t trying to swing that way its simply how their body moves.

Golf swing tempo is the glue that holds everything together.

If you have great positions and wonderful set up but poor tempo, your swing will not produce consistent results. Tempo helps keep everything in unison and ensure that you return the club to a consistent impact position.

Remember, swinging fast or swinging smooth both produce good results, however it is up to you to determine which tempo is right for your swing. If you are ever questioning about your swing tempo, always error on the smooth side; golf swings can never be too smooth.

Corey Johnson is an assistant PGA golf professional at the TPC of the Twin Cities in Blaine.