Letters policy during campaign season

Campaign season 2014 is underway. Filings closed last month for a host of races, from city council to county board, from State House to Congress. ABC Newspapers is dedicated to bringing local election news to our readers. We devote space each week to news stories, letters to the editor and to a Voters Guide that focuses on local community races.

We want to remind our readers of coverage policies that will guide us through 2014 elections.

We will not publish campaign- oriented letters to the editor in the immediate editions prior to Election Day. This rule will apply to our editions dated Aug. 8, for the Aug. 12 primary, and to the Oct. 31 edition, for the Nov. 4 general election.

Also, candidates for office will not be able to use the letters to the editor column to promote themselves. They will, however, be allowed to respond to comments made about them.

Other guidelines — word limits, how frequently a person can write a letter, and our right to edit all submissions — are published regularly on these pages.

The mission of our editorial page is to foster local debate, to share community opinions and present all sides of controversial issues. Our policies give us a framework to encourage all voices.

We want your participation. Please share your opinions, tell us who you think will be the best person to serve on your city council or county board, or represent you in the House of Representatives. We welcome your view and look forward to hosting a vibrant conversation on local issues.

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