Letters to the Editor for July 18, 2014

Response to DFL ‘trash talk’

To the Editor:

The “Support for DFL candidates” letter by Wesley Volkenant published in the July 11 UnionHerald appears to be the opening salvo, including near-smear tactics, on Republicans running for Congressional and Minnesota state offices.

Following flowery praise of DFL endorsees for 6th District U.S. Congress and the open Minnesota Legislature House seat 35A being vacated by Jim Abeler, Mr. Volkenant goes on (and on) to state what their DFL two-time losing state senate candidate, Peter Perovich, would not do with regard to abridging your Constitutional rights or diminishing customary government services as related to voting, schools, infrastructure, etc. His inferences are that those nasty, right-wing, uncaring, ultra-conservative crazy Republicans would do such things, but DFL guys won’t.

Let’s look a little closer at where Wesley is coming from: He does not disclose that he’s the newly minted chief of the local SD35 DFL party unit; puffing up DFL team players and creating FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) regarding the GOP team is just part of his job. Wesley has spent the vast majority of his adult life as a public employee – including AFSCME public employee union membership with long stints as a union officer. (My own work experience includes early career membership in private sector unions.)

Let’s now look where our GOP endorsees stand on a few of the very topics Wesley cites – 35A state representative candidate and lifelong Anoka resident Abigail Whelan supports keeping education in the hands of our local parents, teachers and community – not through federally mandated curricula. She supports using existing tax dollars to fund improvements to local highways 10 and 47 – not building a $80 million “palace” for legislators in St. Paul.

Anoka High School and University of Minnesota graduate Abigail Whelan believes all government levels should support faith and family values – not enact laws that promote libertine non-values. She joins 6th District GOP-endorsed congressional candidate Tom Emmer in supporting revoking the misguided aspects of the Obamacare-MNsure health care initiative – no forcing of federal or state coverage mandates against enrollee wishes.

Mike J. Jensen

Common Core

To the Editor:

How much do you know about Common Core? Perhaps you’ve never heard of it. Perhaps you don’t care. If not, you should.

The following information is from the Minnesotans Against Common Core website.

Here are just some of the negative consequences of Common Core: National student database which includes unregulated access and is shared out of state, no local or parental control or consent needed, high-stakes testing which includes three to five standardized tests by unaccountable testing companies, increase in your local and state taxes, loss of freedom as every child is assigned an IEP via Title 1 waivers, parental control is lost.

There is an upcoming meeting on Thursday, July 24, 7 p.m., at Coon Rapids Evangelical Free Church.

Attend the meeting to learn about the academic and psychological damage, reduction in college readiness, the agendizing of the curriculum and the additional testing forced upon the children. Attend the meeting to find out why so many states and teachers unions have rejected it. Attend the meeting to find out how your children and grandchildren will be affected. Attend the meeting to find out how you can help.

Find out more at www.MNagainstCC.com.

You may also be interested in Glen Beck’s movie, “We Will Not Conform,” which is a special live event in movie theaters nationwide. It will be shown in Maple Grove and Brooklyn Center on July 22 and July 29. To learn more, go to www.wewillnotconform.com.

Edmund Burke stated, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

What will you do to stop our state and federal governments from taking over the education of your children and grandchildren?

Laurie Thompson

Demmer runs for Ward 3

To the Editor:

An energetic young candidate is running for Ward 3 City Council in Coon Rapids. His name is Wade Demmer, and he is married and has two children who attend Adams Elementary School. Wade has a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and works in the medical device industry as a systems engineer.

Wade and his wife, Stacee, believe in this community and work hard to keep Coon Rapids a good place to live. They have helped build Habit for Humanity homes, coach soccer and volunteer at Adams Elementary. Stacee is on the city’s Sustainability Commission. Wade’s family has 60 years of history in Coon Rapids.

As a city council member, Wade’s efforts will include keeping our seniors in our city through creative housing, helping young people find affordable homes and creating full-time jobs that help the community thrive.

Demmer will be assisted in his campaign to receive your votes by co-chairs Tom Buchman and Barb Wold; co-managers Lonni McCauley and Stacee Demmer; treasurer Dave McCauley; and a task force of Bill Caverley, Brynn and Al Hofstedt, Ihla and Pete Anderson, and Shelia and Bruce Sanders.

The team that is supporting Wade Demmer believes that this new young face will bring fresh ideas and preserve the positive traditions of our city.

A “meet Wade Demmer“ coffee, for those interested, will be at the home of Dave and Lonni McCauley, 9701 Avocet St. NW, Coon Rapids, on July 23 at 7 p.m.

You can read more about Wade at www.wadedemmer.com.

Lonni McCauley
Coon Rapids

Water shortage, part II

To the Editor:

Last month there was an article in the Andover newsletter about ground water shortage. Today I read this from KSTP.
“Minnesota Public Radio examined residential use of water in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and found it varies widely. The MPR report cited Andover as the biggest per capita user over five years, at about 120 gallons of water a day.”

Now I am not sure if the MPR data is valid, but if we assume it is, the watering ban does not appear to be working and it is only going to get worse with all the developments that are being approved.

Thanks, Met Council!

Eric Kohnke

Why people won’t help

To the Editor:

I was driving home and was in front of the Anoka County Court House when I noticed a person was down in the street. Being the first person to stop and render aid to this person who appeared to been hit by a car. The victim was unconscious and making wheezing sounds and had a head wound from striking the cars windshield. I started to maintain the person’s C-spine when another person came along, who stated she was a nurse, and started to claim the person as he was starting to come to. The paramedic showed up and took over care of the person.

As I was leaving the only person who thanked me was the person who hit the poor guy, not the cops or medics. And people wonder why no one wants to get involved and help people anymore.

Arnold Baltins
Coon Rapids

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