August 6th

The following property will be sold or otherwise disposed of at a private sale open to the public to be held at said space at Minikahda Ministorage, 5350 Industrial Blvd NE, Fridley, MN 55421, on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. for cash only:
1405 Michelle Marshall, Tag # 4346271, Chair, Pots & Pans, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Misc. Items.
4208 Shana Ellenwood, Tag # 4411627, Foosball Table, Car Seat, Crutches, Kids Toys, Bags of Misc. Items, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
4305 Traci Stevens, Tag # 4346607, Dresser, Couch, Lamp, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Bed Frame, Crock Pot, Boxes, Misc. Items.
5127 Lonnie Hellerud, Tag # 4346608, 4346639, Motorcycle Lift, Motorcycle Jack, Dolly, Ice Auger, Ice House, Tool Box, Stereo, Band Saw, Ladder, Patio Table, Chairs, Misc. Items.
5231 Auto Shopper Twin Cities LLC, Tag # 4346610, Magazines, Rack.
5333 Donald Davis, Tag # 4346612, Bed Frame, Night Stand, Crock Pot, Lattern, Fishing Pole, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
5537 Jamica Holden, Tag # 4346614, Ironing Board, Lamp, Plastic Organizer, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner, Table, Fan, Boxes, Misc. Items.
5610 Steven Malec, Tag # 4346615, Table, Chairs, Framed Pictures, End Tables, Lamp, Coffee Table, Bed Frame, Plastic Organizer, Baskets, Misc. Items.
6121 Linda Quam, Tag # 4346617, Pet Carrier, Lamp, TV, Table, Microwave, Radio, Luggage, Plastic Organizer, Chairs, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
6226 Donald Hodgman, Tag # 4346620, Crutches, Cooler, Plastic Organizer, Bags of Misc. Items, Boxes, Misc. Items.
6228 Andrew Rosengren, Tag # 4346619, Metal Shelving, Table, End Table, Bike, Trunk, Chair, Plywood, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
6316 Kendrick Dowdell, Tag # 4346621, Totes.
6329 Natarsha Morgan, Tag # 4346287, End Table, Weights, Barbells, Kids Toys, Boxes, Misc. Items.
7402 Dorn King, Tag # 4346626, Ice Auger, Desk, Dresser, Bunk Beds, Chairs, Vacuum Cleaner, Bike, Bed Frame, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
Published in the
Anoka County UnionHerald
July 18, 25, 2014

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