Coon Rapids part of state performance measurement program

The city of Coon Rapids will again take part in the state performance measurement program, as it has since the program was created in 2010.

The Coon Rapids City Council approved the city’s participation at its June 17 meeting, and for taking part in the 2014 program, it will receive $8,600 in state dollars, or 14 cents per capita.

The Minnesota Council on Local Results and Innovation was created in 2010 to develop a voluntary performance reporting program for cities and counties.

According to Matt Stemwedel, assistant city manager, the city must file a report with the Office of the State Auditor by July 1 that includes a resolution that the council approved June 17 committing the city to develop and implement a performance measurement system and to provide data for a minimum of 10 performance measures that have been established by the state.

The city has developed the tools necessary to be part of the 2014 program and to submit the required 2013 data to the state auditor’s office as well as post the data on the city’s website, another state requirement, Stemwedel wrote in a report to the council.

The city uses this information to help plan, budget, manage and evaluate programs and processes for “optimal future outcomes,” the resolution states.

The program has six categories – general, police services, fire and emergency management services, streets, water and sanitary sewer – each with a number of subcategories for a total of 29 performance measures.

Coon Rapids has provided data on 18 of them, including rating the overall quality of services provided by the city by using the 2012 citywide survey, which showed that 10 percent of the 400 residents sampled in the random telephone interview rated city services as excellent and 74 percent good.

Results of that survey have also been used by the city to provide data for several of the other subcategories in the performance measurement program.