UnionHerald Looking Back for July 18, 2014

Unknown man struck by engine at Coon Creek

Friday evening a transient, name unknown, was struck and instantly killed by an east bound train, about 100 feet east of the Coon Creek station. The accident was first reported by the crew of the west bound 11:20 who saw the body lying beside the tracks. The remains were taken to the Wilcox-Thayer morgue. The victim had been struck on the back of the head and his brains cut out. Aside from this one wound the body was little mutilated.

-100 years ago, July 21, 1914,
Anoka Herald

Strike affects Anoka last Wednesday

Between 150 and 200 men came to Anoka Wednesday morning. First a delegation went to the WPA workers on the Pleasant street bridge and after a parley the men left the job to avoid trouble. The same procedure was carried out at the golf course, and also with city crews working about town. At the grasshopper bait mixing station, foot of Harrison street, the strikers listened to claims the project was one of emergency and the men kept on working.

– 75 years ago, July 19, 1939,
Anoka County Union

Mayor urges tighter control in granting variances

It’s not going to be so easy to get a variance in the city of Coon Rapids if Mayor Joseph Craig can help it. At least that was the promise offered by the veteran city official Wednesday night, after charging that “alot of us are guilty of rubber-stamping these requests for variances.” Craig noted that very few variance requests are ever denied, and from now on a hardship should be proven before the petitioner’s wishes are granted.

– 50 years ago, July 17, 1964
Coon Rapids Herald

The Vapors posted

Gay steam bath violates Andover’s high-risk sexual conduct ordinance. Findings from a Minnesota Hearing Examiner March 22 have found that The Vapors Steam Bath, 1860 Bunker Lake Blvd. is known to house high-risk sexual activity. Because of this, the Andover Health Board passed a resolution Tuesday declaring The Vapors a hazardous site under the city’s high-risk sexual conduct ordinance.

– 25 years ago, July 21, 1989
Anoka County Union

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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