Anoka seeks funding to paint rusty bridge

Anoka is going after state dollars to give a local eyesore a facelift.

It will cost $150,000 to repaint the rusty bridge over Highway 10. Photo courtesy of the city of Anoka
It will cost $150,000 to repaint the rusty bridge over Highway 10. Photo courtesy of the city of Anoka

The city will apply for Minnesota Department of Transportation funding through the Municipal Agreement Program to repaint the rusty pedestrian bridge at Fourth Avenue over Highway 10.

These funds are intended to pay for a portion of the construction costs of a project that is owned by MnDOT but also part of the Rum River Regional Trail System, according to Greg Lee, Anoka’s public services director.

Of the estimated $150,000 project cost, the city would be responsible for $27,600, which would be included in the 2015 budget, Lee reported.

According to a report prepared by Hakanson Anderson: “The Rum River Trail has increased in popularity and as the population grows the need for additional recreation sources and amenities grow as well. The population of the communities the corridor runs through, which includes; Anoka, Andover, Oak Grove, Ramsey, and St. Francis, is anticipated to grow steadily with a projected population of 407,070 people by the year 2020.”

The bridge, which has significant rust and is in poor cosmetic condition, is highly visible to the thousands of drivers traveling Highway 10 each day.

If grant money is secured, the city proposed a “rust grip” paint system that adheres to the existing paint on the structure. The consultants report this system would take four days (compared to four weeks) and one-third the cost of a traditional paint job that would include blasting, priming and painting.

When asked, Lee told the council the city would not be able to paint a logo on the bridge or use it for advertising, which MnDOT does not allow.

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  • Pat Walker

    Don’t get excited, it’s not like Anoka is painting the bridge. it’s taken two decades to ask someone else for the money. I’m disappointed to not hear more about Spidot, the company that has engineered this new product Rust Grip. Rust Grip claims to be able to encapsulate rust and lead on a molecular level. This product has the potential to save tens of millions of state and county dollars and eliminate tons of contaminated waste associated with sandblasting lead painted bridges.

  • RegularJoe62

    I’d like to see the details on the estimate. How can it possibly cost $150,000 dollars to paint a bridge?

    • Pat Walker

      This estimate is less than half of the original estimate to encapsulate the bridge and sand blast off the lead paint, then paint the bridge. MNDOT does this all over the state. This new company will mobilize from South Carolina or some southern state and come here to pressure wash the bridge and using a new product called Rust-Grip they would encapsulate the lead and rust on a molecular level. They are not on the “approved” vendor list here in Minnesota and they would love to be. They have done lots of large projects in southern states but have no cold weather history with this new product. If this works on this test bridge then the product could save Minnesota taxpayers tens of millions every year and eliminate tons and tons of contaminated media.
      You can go to and see the whole deal.