Man sentenced after felony guilty plea in road rage incident

An Anoka man has pleaded guilty to a felony charge and been sentenced by Anoka County District Court in the wake of a road rage incident in Coon Rapids last summer.

Ryan Douglas Bloom, 32, entered a guilty plea May 19 to a terroristic threats charge, and at sentencing July 16, a felony second-degree assault count was dismissed when he was put on probation for three years and jailed for 30 days with credit for three days served.

Probation conditions include chemical dependency evaluation and treatment, random urinalysis and breath testing, anger management counseling, mental health assessment and adherence to all recommendations, submit a DNA sample, no use of alcohol or mood-altering chemicals, no use or possession of firearms and no assaultive, abusive or disorderly behavior.

In addition, Bloom must perform an indeterminate amount of community service work in lieu of a $500 fine.

Coon Rapids Police responded to the area of Highway 10 and Foley Boulevard the evening of June 8, 2013, where two women who had been traveling east on Highway 10 reported that another car pulled alongside them, the driver was very animated, seemed angry and then pointed a handgun at them, according to the complaint.

The woman who was driving told police she gunned her vehicle across the lanes of traffic to use the exit because she feared they would be shot, but the male kept pointing the gun at them as she drove up the Foley exit ramp.

The passenger’s statement of what occurred was consistent with the driver’s, the complaint states.

Police identified Bloom as a potential suspect and when the woman driver was shown a photo lineup, she picked him out as the man with the gun aimed at them, while the passenger identified Bloom as one of two men in the lineup who could have pointed the gun at them.

When police arrested Bloom, they recovered a handgun, according to the complaint.

In a post-Miranda statement, Bloom admitted he had been involved in an altercation on Highway 10 and had his handgun with him in his car, but he denied pointing the gun at anyone, although he admitted holding the gun up and displaying it because he was frustrated at the driving conduct of the other vehicle’s driver.

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