What do we golf for?

I know I write articles that have a common theme, but I want to focus on the why and the positives of the game.

Do we golf to challenge a friend or relative? If we lose, do we have as much fun? Do we have any fun or does it make us mad we lost?

Do we play to keep a score? If the score isn’t what we want it to be, do we still have fun, can we still focus on the positives and have a good time? Or do we let the score determine how much fun we have?

Maybe some of us we play in a league once a week for camaraderie with friends or to be part of a club, so we can still have some competition in our lives and see how our nerves hold up.

I am sure some of us golf just for something to do and to be outside.

Whatever the reason is, we all have one, that is for sure.

If we remind ourselves why we play and our goal for the day before we tee off, will we have more fun? Will we be more relaxed and enjoy ourselves no matter what?

I hear people say all the time that golf can be such a frustrating sport. I would say it’s only frustrating if you let things get to you.

The most common mistake I see in golf is golfers trying to help the ball up in the air. What that really does is keep the ball on the ground because you aren’t in the proper position with the club.

We don’t need to help shots.

Are we looking at something the wrong way? Could we look at it differently? Could we be making something too hard, that’s really supposed to be relaxing, easy and fun?

Keep it simple, stay positive, let the club do its job and you do yours.

Have fun out there.


Josh Breen is the head golf professional at the Links at Northfork in Ramsey.