Surrender averts dangerous-dog decision

Set to make a decision at its July 16 meeting about whether a dog should be deemed dangerous, the East Bethel City Council took no action after learning the owner had surrendered the animal to a rescue shelter.

The incident became a city matter when an adult male filed a complaint and asked for the public hearing after reporting that the dog had bitten him and his 9-year-old child. A sheriff deputy’s report says both bites occurred on separate occasions at a Lake Shore Drive home where the dog had been living. It notes a “light tear in the skin of his calf” and describes the child’s injury as “two small puncture wounds” near the knee.

The schnauzer’s owner said in the report they had not been informed about the incident with the child and had seen the adult male kick at the dog before it bit him. In the report, the owner says the dog’s tie-out leash reaches to the edge of the yard, while the adult victim claims the dog broke its leash.

The city council agreed the matter is resolved pending surrender and removal documentation. Had the case proceeded, East Bethel would have had to decide if the dog was dangerous or not and if so, what measures were needed to secure and control it.