Life Looking Back for edition of July 25, 2014

Blaine council considers no hunting ordinance

If a gun ordinance proposed at the July 18 meeting of the Blaine City Council is approved, hunting will be banned entirely within the City of Blaine. An ordinance which would allow hunting in some areas of Blaine was introduced but after discussion a new ordinance banning all hunting within the city was asked to be prepared.

– 40 years ago, July 26, 1974

Rusty water seeps through

Two out of the three homes where the city of Spring Lake Park has installed home water filters continue to have problems with rusty water. During the first two weeks of July, the city public works department hooked up three 20 micron size Sear’s brand water filters. After a few days the filters were removed and smaller Sear’s extra fine five micron size filters were put in.

– 30 years ago, July 27, 1984

Oak wilt cost-sharing money now available

Oak wilt strangles half of Ron Holm’s 10 acres of land in St. Francis. Infection, he believes, began about 1980. The one nice thing is as the trees die, others come up in their place, “like maples and pines,” Holm said. “But it’s a shame to see the oak trees go. It really hurts.” Holm stopped by Marion Carlson’s home in Oak Grove July 13 for an oak wilt prevention demonstration sponsored by the Anoka Soil and Water Conservation District. Holm, like others in attendance, discovered financial help is available to control the deadly shade tree disease.

– 20 years ago, July 22, 1994

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.