Contracts awarded for Anoka County traffic signal projects

Contracts were awarded by the Anoka County Board June 22 for two traffic signal projects, one in Andover and one in Coon Rapids.

North Valley Inc. was the low bidder in the amount of $2.01 million to install a new traffic signal and do channelization work at the intersection of Hanson Boulevard (County State Aid Highway 78) and 161st Avenue (CSAH 20) in Andover. The engineer’s estimate was $1.95 million.

The existing traffic signal at Coon Rapids Boulevard (CSAH 3) and Springbrook Drive in Coon Rapids will be replaced and turn lane modifications will be made in a project for which Forest Lake Contracting was awarded the contract with a low bid of $707,760. The engineer’s estimate was $676,951.

Both projects have received federal dollars through the Highway Safety Improvement Program based on accident rates at the intersections between Jan. 1, 2005, and Dec. 31, 2007.

For the Hanson-161st project, the federal grant is $842,000, and for the Coon Rapids Boulevard-Springbrook Drive work, the federal money totals $468,000. County and city funds will pick up the balance of the project costs.

Work on the two projects will be completed this fall and construction will be done under traffic, according to Doug Fischer, county highway engineer and division manager for transportation.

At Hanson and 161st Avenue, there is a currently a four-way stop sign, and the project, in addition to the new traffic signal, will involve the addition of right- and left-turn lanes and painted median channelization.

Using county dollars, a southbound bypass lane will be constructed on Hanson at 159th Avenue and a right-turn lane on eastbound 161st (Constance Boulevard) at Crane Street.

In addition, a mill and overlay will be done south on Hanson from 161st to about Oak View Middle School, also at county expense, because the “pavement is very poor,” according to Fischer.

At Coon Rapids Boulevard and Springbrook Drive, the replacement signal will have left-turn arrows, where there are none right now, for traffic making left turns onto Coon Rapids Boulevard.

The westbound Coon Rapids Boulevard turn lane will be extended, a northbound left-turn lane will be constructed on Springbrook Drive to increase capacity at the intersection, a raised concrete median will be constructed on Springbrook south of Coon Rapids Boulevard, and northbound and eastbound right-turn lanes will be added.

In addition, Springbrook will be reconstructed from Coon Rapids Boulevard south to Holly Street as part of the county project at city expense. The city reconstructed a portion of Springbrook from 85th Avenue to Holly in 2012.

A portion of the city’s cost will be come from assessments to three benefiting commercial properties totaling $39,872.43, with the rest to be taken from its state aid street account, which derives its revenues from the annual state allotment of state gas tax revenues to the city.