Letters to the Editor for Aug. 1, 2014

First-time vote will be for Abeler

To the Editor:

Like most in my generation, I am reluctant to engage myself in the political process. In this era of big money interests and emotionally-charged rhetoric, it’s incredibly difficult to find a candidate that I can actually trust as a person. This August, however, I will be voting for the first time in my life – for Jim Abeler.

If we cannot get past the political games and address the problems that threaten our nation, I am afraid that I do not have much hope for our future. The U.S. Senate seat up for grabs in the 2014 election is an important opportunity to send someone who can bring people together, and actually work to solve problems.

After getting to know Jim Abeler personally, I am convinced that he needs to be our choice. I know of nobody else who can respect and connect with others who are different quite like Jim can. A prime example is when he was able to work with Governor Dayton to secure the largest tax cut in the history of Minnesota, despite fundamental disagreements on countless other issues.

This willingness to respect people as human beings is what is missing in Washington. Please help make a real difference and vote for Abeler in the Republican primary on August 12.

Brandon Becker, 21

Why vote for Tom Emmer?

To the Editor:

I have known Tom Emmer for over 30 years. Tom and I went to college together at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, where Tom actually played college hockey and I tried to play college hockey. The first day on campus Tom’s charisma was apparent and his ability to lead others was obvious to anyone that met him.

In this day and age of broken promises, say anything to get elected and campaign constantly most of us are looking for a person that represents our conservative principles. Conservatives get some what of a bad rap in public eye as insensitive, self serving, greedy and probably many other labels that simply do not fit the conservative folks that I know. Most of us are good neighbors and are willing to help anyone at any time that is willing to help themselves to the best of their ability. We have strong connections to our community and strong family values. Tom Emmer represents every single thing that is good about those principles and much more.

Tom has owned his own business and had to manage personnel, make payroll, provide benefits and provide opportunity for working people. He has a wonderful family with seven great kids and loving and supportive wife in Jackie. I applaud anyone in this day and age that is willing to put themselves into the public eye. When I look for a person to represent me I am looking for someone that has some of the same principles and values as myself. Are we ever going to agree on everything 100 percent of the time? No! I look for someone willing to gather the facts and make a conservative decision that is in our collective best interest. I am not looking for someone to canonize. I do not judge folks for the mistakes they made in their youth. I am supporting Tom Emmer because for me he represents leadership and family values that are important to me.

Clay Wallace

Heart Safe training important

To the Editor:

Last week, members of the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce and staff participated in “Heart Safe training” with city of Coon Rapids Police Officer Bryan Platz. We were extremely impressed and wanted publicly thank Officer Platz for his time, training and obvious enthusiasm for spreading this important message.

The Heart Safe Coon Rapids program works to ensure that automated external defibrillators are easily accessible in the community, as well as ensuring that the public is educated and trained to not only recognize the signs of sudden cardiac arrest, but also in the use of hands – only CPR and AEDs. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, and while usually fatal, it is actually a highly treatable condition if someone is present who has had the proper training. We urge all businesses to give their employees this important training so they can be heroes, not bystanders. To learn more about Heart Safe, visit http://www.ci.coon-rapids.mn.us/GeneralInfo/heartsafe.html.

Thank you again to Officer Platz and to the city of Coon Rapids for being a Heart Safe Community.

Lori Higgins, President
MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce

What do we know about McFadden?

To the Editor:

How much do you know about Mike McFadden, the Minnesota GOP U.S. Senate endorsed candidate?

I do know McFadden’s campaign manager, Carl Kuhl from Minnesotans United for All Families, was in charge of lobbying Republican legislators to support same-sex marriage.

After numerous attempts to get further answers, I finally received an email from “Team McFadden” and a personal phone call from Mr. McFadden.

I questioned him mainly on Common Core. He stated he is against Common Core. Really? Why then, would the board of directors at Cristo Rey Schools (of which McFadden sits on the board as treasurer) accept over $17 million in donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, considering the fact that Bill Gates is one of the leading proponents of Common Core being implemented nation-wide?

He claims to oppose this top-down approach to education; yet the Cristo Rey website states otherwise: “The standards we teach were written by teams of teachers within the Cristo Rey Network using standards from Common Core … as guides.”

Mr. McFadden also stated during our conversation, “… I would take money from any source as long as it benefited the kids. The public schools down the road aren’t doing them any good.”

Now I know how he feels about public education. After all, his younger kids attend private schools in St. Paul. I wonder, what would he do as a U.S Senator for the majority of Minnesota kids who attend our public schools?

I suggested to Mr. McFadden he should make a public statement about Common Core to clear up all the controversy. He said he won’t – that he’s done so at BPOU meetings, etc. This is not what I’ve been hearing.

Actions speak louder than words. Mr. McFadden says one thing but his actions state otherwise.

Unfortunately for Mr. McFadden, he was unable to convince me he’s the one I should support in the primary.

With the acceptance of $17 million from the Gates Foundation, I’m afraid Big Bill’s got Mr. McFadden in his back pocket.

Clearly, Mr. McFadden should have a (D) after his name, not an (R).

Laurie Thompson

Sivarajah has record of accomplishment

To the Editor:

Please vote in our primary election on August 12.  You can vote absentee. Don’t rely on partisan and activist group endorsements to select a candidate; look further and talk to the candidates.

The 2014 primary ballot for Republican Congressional District Six will offer two candidates, Rhonda Sivarajah and Tom Emmer. I am supporting Rhonda. Her record of achievements is truly awesome. It includes cutting county property taxes by 10.5 percent over three years, reducing county debt by $30 million and streamlining county government with business efficiencies. When first elected to the Anoka County Board, Rhonda was the lone conservative voice and now she leads the board as chairperson.

Rhonda has successfully made significant tax reductions in property taxes for Anoka county residents and will bring that same work ethic to Washington.

How does Tom compare with Rhonda? Tom Emmer has name recognition from his radio show and his run for governor in 2010. That race unfortunately was won by Mark Dayton in the best Republican year in over 40 years. In that race Tom’s past DWIs were brought up and will likely be again if he is on the ballot for November. While serving on the Delano City Council, Tom voted to raise property taxes by 16 percent in just one year alone. While he was in the Minnesota House Tom spoke in favor of cancer treatment centers independent of hospitals, consistent with a free market system. He later flip-flopped his position and became a paid lobbyist to extend the ban on new non-hospital cancer clinics. Rhonda is consistent; she studies the issues and will take the right stand. Tom became the national spokesman for the George Soros funded National Popular Vote for President which undermines state sovereignty, favors high density metropolitan areas and adds another loss for state sovereignty. Rhonda opposes the National Popular Vote.

Rhonda has a record of accomplishment. She will not let outside groups and lobbyists manipulate her. She will abide by Constitutional and limited government principles. She works to get government out of people’s lives where it doesn’t belong. She proved this in Anoka County. We need her in DC.

Dan Koehler

Demmer has new dreams for community

To the Editor:

Wade Demmer is running to represent Ward 3 on the Coon Rapids City Council. I decided to help with his campaign because he is a bright and energetic young man. He has made Coon Rapids his home and a place to raise his young family.

As citizens we often complain that the “good old boys” run our government. Wade is not a long time politician. He has new dreams for our community while respecting the old.

Please cast your vote for Wade Demmer on Aug. 12.

Barb Wold
Demmer for Ward 3

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