Crime briefs from the UnionHerald for the week of July 28

Man sentenced on felony domestic
assault plea

A Coon Rapids man, with prior domestic violence-related convictions, has been placed on probation for five years by Anoka County District Court after pleading guilty to a felony domestic assault charge.

Ryan Charles Rundle, 28, was jailed for 120 days at his sentencing hearing July 21 with credit for 32 days served and fined $300.

Probation conditions include chemical dependency evaluation and treatment, domestic abuse counseling and treatment, no assaultive or disorderly behavior, random urinalysis and breath testing, no use of mood-altering chemicals or alcohol and no use or possession of firearms.

Court records show that Rundle was convicted of terroristic threats and fifth-degree assault, both in 2012 and both in Wright County.

The morning of Feb. 6, Coon Rapids Police responded to an assault report at a residence on the 9700 block of Zilla Street Northwest where a woman told officers that she had got into an argument with Rundle, the father of her children, during which he put both hands around her throat and pushed her down on to the couch, according to the complaint.

While the woman’s breathing was not cut off, she said that her neck hurt and officers saw and photographed bruises on her left arm and chest from when Rundle held her down on the couch.

~ Peter Bodley


Woman charged with assault of ex-girlfriend

A 20-year-old Ham Lake woman was arraigned in Anoka County District Court July 11 on felony terroristic threats and gross misdemeanor domestic assault charges.

Leeann Wanda Jones, 20, was arrested July 11 after she and her former girlfriend, 29, got into a fight at their former residence in Ham Lake, 169th Avenue.

Jones’s former girlfriend told police that she and her son, 9, returned home to find Jones on the deck. Jones had moved out two months ago when their relationship ended, the woman said, according to the criminal complaint.

She had returned to collect some things and was threatening to break some of her belongings, the woman continued. Jones kicked down the bedroom door, breaking it; pulled the woman’s hair; tried to throw a lamp at her that was still plugged in; and hit her in the head repeatedly with a small pot until the handle broke off, the woman alleged.

Then, Jones allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and chased the woman and her son out of the home. The woman’s son called 911, the complaint states.

Law enforcement noted a bump on the woman’s head where she said she had been hit with a pot, according to the complaint.

Jones’s side of the story differed. She told police that she and the woman still live together, and when the woman came home she was upset to find a hickey on Jones’s neck, the complaint states.

In the bedroom, Jones confessed to having an affair, and the woman refused to let Jones leave the room, Jones allegedly told police. So, she broke down the door to escape, she said.

Allegedly, Jones said her former girlfriend placed her in a choke hold in the kitchen, where she attempted to use a lamp to defend herself, but it was still plugged in. Then, she reached for a pot, but the handle broke off. Finally, she grabbed a kitchen knife until she could get herself safely out of the home, she told police.

Law enforcement interviewed the woman’s son, who said that when he and his mother arrived home, Jones showed up. He heard yelling, and his mom told him to call 911, which he did, the complaint states. He said that Jones chased the two out of the house with a knife.

Jones was convicted of misdemeanor fifth-degree assault in Dakota County this April.

~ Olivia Koester


Ramsey man convicted of swindling Lowe’s

Michael Lee Morgan, 29, of Ramsey, was sentenced in Anoka County District Court July 2 after a felony theft by swindle conviction.

Initially charged with three felonies – two theft by swindle charges and possession of burglary or theft tools – two charges were dropped when Morgan pleaded guilty to one of the theft by swindle counts.

The court ordered Morgan to serve 18 months in the St. Cloud Correctional Facility with credit for 373 days served. Morgan must also pay $1,085 in restitution.

Morgan and several other men were charged for carrying out a scheme at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in 2012, swindling stores out of more than $1,000 in a four-month period.

Morgan was allegedly the head of the operation, photographing barcodes in Lowe’s stores, printing barcodes on felt-like paper at home and changing out barcodes to purchase items at a lower price and return them at their full value, the criminal complaint states.

Morgan and others primarily carried out their scheme at the Coon Rapids store, but also swapped barcodes at Lowe’s stores in Blaine, Maple Grove and Plymouth, the complaint states.

Video surveillance captured Morgan photographing a DeWalt 1/2 inch hammer drill, valued at $99.97. He later paid that same price for a DeWalt 18-volt lithium-ion hammer drill, valued at more than three times the amount, according to the complaint.

Morgan was convicted of receiving stolen property in 2009.

~ Olivia Koester

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