Letters to the Editor for Aug. 8, 2014

America founded by men of Christian faith

To the Editor:

John Freeburg in “Proofs of a Christian nation…” (July 4) attempts to explain away evidence that America was established as a Christian nation on Biblical principles as offered in my June 20 letter.

Freeburg stated that Moses was Jewish. True. So was Jesus. God sent Jesus to be born of the Jewish virgin, Mary — as prophesied in Isaiah and other passages. When Jesus was in the synagogue reading from Isaiah, He stated that He came to fulfill the Law and the prophets — not to abolish them. Jewish Scripture is foundational to Christianity and points to Christ.

Freeburg claims that Moses’ commandments “were a subset of the Egyptian 41 commandments.” The Ten Commandments didn’t come from these Egyptian Laws, but any truth they contain comes from natural law which comes from God. Romans 1 says that God has clearly revealed “his eternal power and divine nature” to all mankind.

Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 record that the Ten Commandments were given by God to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Moses did not condense the Egyptian laws, and God did not copy his commandments from the Egyptians.

Moses and the Ten Commandments are not only depicted in the Supreme Court, the commandments are also engraved in bronze on the floor of the National Archives in Washington D.C. They signify that our legal system has its origins in the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses — not in the laws used by the Egyptians.

It is because we are a Christian nation that we have the freedom to worship (or not worship) in the way we so choose.

Unfortunately there are those who seek to redefine us as a nation by denying our Christian heritage. No, America is not a theocracy, but it was founded by men of the Christian faith who studied and believed the Bible.

Even our presidents (with three exceptions) have been sworn in with their hand on the Bible. The Bible is the foundation of our Judeo-Christian heritage. President Andrew Jackson said that the Bible is “the rock on which our Republic rests.” We forget this at our peril.

Barb Anderson

Living on whiskey, wine and gin

To the Editor:

My days and nights consisted of getting blasted on booze and any other drug I could get a hold of. I would steal it or use other addicts’ dope while pretending to be their friend. Doper friends were not very giving when it came to their dope unless you had something to share with them. I usually had the weed and the booze, so I shared for their cocaine or meth.

Sometimes I shared just to have someone to talk to.

I was very paranoid most of the time and had a low self image. Hanging out with people in full blown addiction was all good because I didn’t care what they thought of me. They were the same as me. We were losers. We all lived for drugs to kill the emotional pain inside. Our lives had tumbled out of control into the oblivion of darkness and shame. My oblivion had met many drugs I loved. The days were short and the nights were short. My whole life flew past at an incredible speed because of being on whiskey, wine, gin and all of the other drugs I was putting into my body. Altering the state of my thoughts about me was number one. Forgetting me and my life mattered most. Kill the emotional pain inside for it was killing me each time I was not under the influence of drugs. Living on whiskey wine gin and many other drugs was living to die.

I spent years trying to change things in my life to no avail due to my out of control addiction to drugs and alcohol. I lived each day to pop the cork and drink my blues away with the whole world right there where they could watch me slowly die. I wanted to die. My addiction had me at the end of my rope many times.

After around 22 drug treatments (including seven psych wards) and 16 years clean, tin pan alley is an afterthought but it still pulls at me to come back. I choose to leave the streets behind for today. Do you?

Tom Koop
Coon Rapids

American Legion picnic thanks

To the Editor:

The Coon Rapids American Legion held its annual picnic on Aug. 2, 2014. We would like to thank the Coon Rapids Police Department for bringing their canine officers, Buddy and Billy, and their handlers, officers Mark McDonough and Bill Hammes.

Also, thank you to the Coon Rapids Fire Department for bringing one of their trucks and firemen (they had to make a fast exit when they received a call that their services were needed).

Thank you to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department for sending one of their officers with one of their units and their water safety craft. We very much appreciate them being a part of our events every year.

We can’t forget to thank all those who were involved in setting up and tearing down the picnic area, to Dick Perry, Dick and Kathy Soukup for operating the grill, and to all our members and guests who brought a dish to share, Feders Meats for providing the hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages (polish and brats), and all the distributors who provided their services.

Thanks again for making our picnic an enjoyable day.

Diane Bohlman
Coon Rapids American Legion Post 334

DFL’ers proud of accomplishments

To the Editor:

In her July campaign flyer disguised to appear like an official “2014 Legislative Report” to the voters of District 35B, Peggy Scott shares common Republican half-truths and lies. Minnesota DFLers are proud of their 2013-2014 accomplishments, so what is the real record Scott is shading?

Peggy Scott falsely accuses paying for Obamacare will ‘drain’ $207.96 million from our schools the next three years. In reality, DFLers balanced the budget and repaid the $2.8 billion which Scott and the Republicans “borrowed” from our schools when they were in charge.  DFLers provided funding for all-day kindergarten and hot school lunches. They increased funding for early childhood family education and froze public college tuition for two years. We can have Obamacare and smart school funding, too.

Peggy Scott finds it easy to criticize Obamacare, even while voting to prevent it from succeeding. But health care changes have been very successful in Minnesota. Over 180,000 Minnesotans are now covered by health plans, as our uninsured rate is down to 4.9 percent. Over 50,000 seniors are saving hundreds for prescription drugs.  Over 35,000 young adults can remain on their parents’ insurance. Over one million of us receive preventive health coverage with no additional co-pays.

Peggy Scott’s Republicans opposed the first increase in the minimum wage in a generation. Over 300,000 state workers will receive a higher minimum wage of $9.50 in 2016. Low-paid health workers will benefit greatly. Low-paid child care workers who receive government funding seek higher rates and benefits through the opportunity to unionize. Peggy Scott opposes giving this particular group the right to even vote on unionization – a right all workers should have. Under the DFL leadership, over 100,000 jobs have been added, and unemployment is at a seven-year low. Forbes Magazine rates Minnesota the third best state in which to make a living. The DFL ensured equal pay for equal work would strengthen women’s economic security in the years ahead.

My candidate in 35B is Coon Rapids small-businessman Samuel Beard. Vote to keep the successful DFL stewardship of Minnesota in place for the next two years.

Wes Volkenant

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