Anoka grants extension for car wash development

Anoka City Council has agreed to a six-month extension on the conditional use permit and site plan for a car wash and retail building off Round Lake Boulevard.

A year ago, Round Lake Commons received the approvals necessary for a 4,000-square-foot car wash and 2,100-square-foot retail building on the eastern edge of the city.

Those approvals are valid for one year, said Community Development Manager Erik Thorvig.

The six-month extension would allow for construction to start. The developer has told the city that building will start soon.

“They’re not asking for a full year, which makes us confident they are going to best started on this,” Thorvig said.

During the approval process, neighbors from the adjacent residential areas brought up concerns about noise from the car wash.

Thorvig said the developer has been figuring out the best equipment to use to address those noise issues.

The Planning Commission reviewed and felt comfortable with the extension, Thorvig said.

Councilmember Jeff Weaver questioned how long a developer can keep asking or an extension.

According to Thorvig, the maximum length of an extension is one year.

“He can ask for another six moths, but after that he wouldn’t be allowed any more extensions and he would have to go through the approval process again,” he said.

Mandy Moran Froemming is at [email protected]