St. Francis raises salaries for future city councils

The St. Francis City Council Aug. 4 voted to increase monthly salaries for the mayor and city council members beginning in 2015. The salary increases will not apply to the current city council.

The raise, approved unanimously, will increase the mayor’s salary from the current $375 per month to $450 in 2015 and $500 in 2016.

Councilmembers’ salaries, which are currently at $325, will go to $375 in 2015 and $400 in 2016.

The council had discussed the proposed increase at its previous meeting in July, pointing out that salaries had not been increased since 2008.

The increase will make St. Francis City Council salaries more comparable to council salaries of surrounding areas. Mayor Jerry Tveit also said he hopes the higher salary will encourage more interest in running for office in St. Francis.

The mayor’s salary is higher than the other council members’ salaries because that position is often called upon to serve at more city events and spend more hours on the job than the others.

The city council is also considering raising the monthly pay for members of the St. Francis Planning Commission, Park Commission and Economic Development Authorities to $35 for members and $45 for chairpersons. City staff will look into how those increases might affect the city’s fee schedule and the issue will be discussed at the next city council meeting.