UnionHerald Looking Back for Aug. 15, 2014

Pupils of Anoka schools begin work soon

Tuesday morning, September 8, at nine o’clock the public schools of Anoka will be thrown open to admit the clamoring youngsters of the community eagerly seeking their studies after a tiresome vacation spent fishing and playing around. Several additions to the teaching force have been arranged and the schools open with especially bright prospects for a very successful year.

-100 years ago, Aug. 18, 1914
Anoka Herald

Community sing better than ever  

Over 1100 were in attendance at the community sing held in the stadium on Friday evening. Earl Patwell was master of ceremonies and the song leader was Ray Dahlberg. Lyle Boynton at the piano and Richard Schaler with his violin accompanied the singing. The sing was opened by N.A. Thomas of the local park board. Local talent was used for the novelty numbers during the intermissions. Donna Bob Closson gave a tap dance and the Hungarian Ballet was demonstrated by Donna and Patty Ward. Mosquito spray was furnished all attending.

– 75 years ago, Aug. 16, 1939
Anoka County Union

Coon Rapids Chamber seeks increased postal service  

A committee of the Coon Rapids Chamber of Commerce will ask the Minneapolis post office department to incorporate all of Coon Rapids in its postal service, a spokesman for the organization told the Herald Tuesday. The purpose is that some areas of the city are being served by Anoka’s post office and this split causes too much conflict.

– 50 years ago, Aug. 14, 1964
Coon Rapids Herald

Andover’s council revises Hay amendment

It was a full house at Andover’s city council meeting Tuesday as council members finalized – but did not support – a comprehensive plan amendment for Bruce Hay’s temporary sewer proposal. The amendment will now be forwarded within the week to the Metropolitan Council for review sometime this fall. More than 100 people were present to voice support and scorn over Hay’s proposed 221-unit manufactured home park, which he has plated in the area that abuts Round Lake and lies east of County Road 7.

– 25 years ago, Aug. 18, 1989
Anoka County Union

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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