Recycling options: Organics are a resource, not a waste

Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions is now offering a source separated organic recycling program for residents.

By participating in the organics recycling program, your food scraps, non-recyclable paper products, coffee grounds and more will be recycled into compost – a valuable resource that improves soil, reduces erosion and decreases the need for fertilizers.

Participants will be given an organics collection pail to collect food scraps and non-recyclable paper along with compostable bags to line the pail. Once the bags are full of organics, residents bring them to the special organics recycling dumpsters located at the two county yard waste sites.

Source separated organics is a collection method for food waste and non-recyclable paper waste to be collected separate from traditional recyclables and diverted to an industrial compost facility. From there, that material will break down into a valuable soil amendment.

Examples of these types of materials include coffee grounds, eggs, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetable scraps, pizza boxes, facial tissue and paper napkins.

Why is recycling organic waste important? The county has a statewide goal to recycle 75 percent of municipal solid waste by 2030. This goal includes recyclables and organics.

Currently, Anoka County is at a 51 percent recycling rate; organics recycling is the next frontier to help us reach our goal.

To get started to participate in the program, follow these steps.

1. Sign up at

2. Collect organic waste in a compostable bag lined collection container.

3. Come to the yard waste site and place the bag in the container designated for organics recycling.

4. Ask the monitor for more BPI certified free bags.

For more information about composting at home or at work, please go to

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