East Bethel awards bid for Castle Towers demolition

East Bethel City Council July 20 voted 4-0, with Council Member Brian Mundle abstaining, to award the Castle Towers Wastewater Treatment Plant buildings demolition bid to PGM Services of Ham Lake. Six packets containing detailed bid information were mailed to contractors in the area, and the city received two bids back. The winning bid from PGM Services was $19,650. The other bid was from Sauter & Sons of Ramsey, and came in at $21,500.

Included in the demolition project of the plant, first put into service in 1974, is the removal and disposal of multiple buildings, concrete slabs, foundations and floors, all in accordance with state guidelines. There are also interior items such as pipes, storage tanks, equipment and other items located in and around the buildings.

There is no expectation that material such as asbestos or any other hazardous waste will be found at the site. If such materials are discovered then a separate bid will be prepared to deal with the removal of those items. The contractor will also manage the termination of the Connexus Energy utility connection and the disposal of the transformer and transformer pad.

Once the demolition is complete on the 10 acre site, this will conclude the work needed at the former wastewater treatment plant, and the land will sit idle for a minimum time period of two years, after which the city is looking to put the land up for sale.