Blaine Community Center open house Oct. 10

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The Blaine Community Center Task Force is inviting the community to stop by City Hall Monday, Oct. 10 for an open house.

Starting at 7 p.m. the open house will give residents an opportunity to ask questions and get some information about what has been happening with the community center discussion.

Blaine City Hall is located at 10801 Town Square Drive NE.

Voters will be deciding on Nov. 8 whether to approve a $29.35 million bond referendum. This would only pay for construction of a new community center with gyms, pool, fitness space and meeting rooms by City Hall and a new senior center at Aquatore Park. The city has estimated that the first year tax impact for the owner of a $200,000 home would be $60.

Additional information on the work the task force has been doing over the past couple of years can be found on the city of Blaine’s website, One feature is an online property tax calculator that allows property owners to find out how much additional taxes they would pay if a majority of voters say ‘yes.’

Questions remain as to how much the city would be spending to operate the facility. The YMCA is continuing to do its market research and has not signed any agreement with the city of Blaine. The community center task force approached the YMCA to become a partner in operating the community center, similar to what happens in Andover where the YMCA operates the fitness spaces and pool and the city of Andover operates the fieldhouse and one hockey rink. Blaine’s community center proposal does not include a hockey rink.

The Blaine City Council when it approved the language of the bond referendum question insisted that the question clearly states that any operating expenses not covered by operating revenue will be paid for by taxpayers.

The task force initially thought a new senior center would be part of the same building, but those who use the Mary Ann Young Senior Center told the task force they want to stay in Aquatore Park but get a newer and larger building rather than move to the city hall campus at the southeast corner of Radisson Road and 109th Avenue.

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