Two charged in Ham Lake home invasion

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Four men, one wearing a clown mask and another armed with a rifle, barged into a Ham Lake home in the early morning hours of Feb. 2.

Two Blaine residents were caught within an hour of the robbery and were charged the next day in Anoka County District Court, but two suspects are still on the loose.

Eric Javon Gauthreaux-Travis, 21, was charged with four felonies of first-degree aggravated robbery.

Keon Latrell Bell, 16, is facing two charges of aggravated robbery in the first degree. The Anoka County Attorney’s Office charged him as a juvenile, but is petitioning the court to certify him as an adult. Juvenile names in felony criminal cases are public if the suspect is at least 16 years old.

The man and woman who live at the Ham Lake home in the 9000 block of Birchview Street told the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office they were asleep, but woke up when the four men came in. The man said he was asleep on the couch and woke up to find four African American men coming in their trailer. He said they were wearing hoodies and dark clothing and one was wearing a “scary clown mask,” according to the criminal complaint.

As this man tried to get up, Bell allegedly pushed him back down and hit him in the face while asking him “where’s the money” and yelling to an accomplice, to “find the money.” Another man allegedly put a long black rifle to the side of his face and told him not to move, according to the complaint.

A woman who was asleep in the bedroom said the male wearing the clown mask entered her room, pushed her back down onto the bed and held her face down by her neck while a second male rummaged through her room.

The man wearing the clown mask was later identified as Gauthreaux-Travis. The woman said at some point during the struggle, he said, “No one will get hurt. Shut the hell up,” according to the complaint.

The four men left the home within a few minutes after not finding anything in the stack of papers in the bedroom, but one of the males grabbed a PlayStation 4 as they were leaving. The stolen gaming system was found in Gauthreaux-Travis’ van when he was arrested. It had a “DC” sticker on it that the victims said was on their PlayStation, according to the complaint.

Police brought Bell and Gauthreaux-Travis to the victims’ home after they were arrested. The man said he knows Gauthreaux-Travis and he said he was wearing the clothing worn by the intruder with the clown mask. He said one of the intruders had yelled “E-man” during the robbery and said they must have been referring to Gauthreaux-Travis since his first name is Eric.

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