Letters to the Editor for Feb. 10

Change needs to be done in a civilized way

To the Editor:

I was embarrassed for the women who fell for Madonna’s speech at the Washington, D.C. Women’s March as though she were one of the great thinkers of our time, all while wearing demeaning hats representing female genitalia.

This event was another unfortunate example of what happens when critical thinking gives way to emotion. I’m all about fair treatment for women. I’m not saying things are perfect. But, I do have two daughters, both of whom have excelled in their endeavors.

My oldest graduated from the U of M and enjoys a career in her chose vocation – a vocation that traditionally has been dominated by men. My other daughter is currently in graduate school pursuing her profession. The majority of her classmates are women who have also taken advantage of higher education opportunities here in America.

My daughters have never listened to people like Madonna, who first welcomed everyone to the “revolution of love” and later said, “…I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House…” Or, suggest that women live in a “new age of tyranny.”

Rather than taking to hear such meaningless dribble and getting caught up in hysteria, my daughters have relied on their faith, intellect, poise and self-determination to achieve their goals. They have participated in meaningful endeavors like Feed My Starving Children, mission trips and have traveled to Haiti to work with impoverished children in order to make a tangible difference.

Finally, real tyranny is living in North Korea and being eaten alive by dogs for not sharing your leader’s opinion. Real tyranny is receiving a six-month prison sentence and 91 lashes for being an unveiled woman in Iran while singing and dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.”

My prayer is that we learn to cease the drama and go about change in a decent, civilized and intelligent manner, no matter what the cause.

Steve Johnson
Coon Rapids

Trump is putting Americans first

To the Editor:

I totally disagree with letter writer James A. Bofenkamp (published Jan. 27). He wants Trump to be impeached. He screams that Trump is pure, evil. He trashes the vote and the 63 million that voted for Trump. He says Trump is a known criminal – this is false and he could be sued for even saying that! He says Trump is a racist and sexist. All false! He claims to be a Christian but he is the farthest thing from a Christian that I can think of. He is a liar for one. Trump is a brilliant man and raised a wonderful Christian family! He is a breath of fresh air to America!

He is bringing God back to America whereas Obama tried to crush Christianity in his eight years in office. Trump is putting Americans first whereas Obama put them last – Obama put Muslims and illegals first. Obama depleted our military. He gave Planned Parenthood $25 million of our tax money every year. Our schools have become dens of gay and lesbian strongholds. Hillary would have continued these policies – Hillary lied, Hillary was responsible for four Americans being killed in Benghazi – she lied about her missing emails. She had a corrupt foundation that took millions of dollars from Middle Eastern countries that are our enemies.

This is the person he thinks would have made a good president! Trump just banned refugees from the seven countries in the world who pose the greatest threat to Americans – this is putting Americans Ffirst and we should all thank God that we finally have a president who cares for the people and not his vacations, golf and ties with Iran and Muslim organizations that hate us. Mr. Bofenkamp needs to get over it – Hillary lost and we can all be glad she didn’t get in or there really would be evil in the White House.

Marge Miller
Coon Rapids

Why a raise if County Board campaigned on holding taxes?

To the Editor:

Following the re-election of Matt Look, Rhonda Sivarajah, Robin West and Julie Braastad, the Anoka County Board of Commissioners gave themselves a 2.99 percent raise. At the board meeting, the vote took place without discussion, and the raise was not disclosed as an issue during the campaign of any of these four commissioners.

Even if you had attended the board meeting, the public would not have known about the raise because the vote was buried with other matters. The public notice was similarly included with other agenda items and not easily identifiable.

Without discussion, the public is deprived of knowledge to justify the increase. From a recent article, this seems to be a reoccurring problem with this County Board.

Prior to the re-election, each of these four commissioners campaigned on holding the line on taxes. These same board members were part of the team that reached an impasse with the Law Enforcement Labor Services Union in labor negotiations. The county’s proposal was for a zero wage and market adjustment for the years 2016 and 2017. The question has to be asked – if they were so adamant about keeping the costs in line, why did these commissioners vote themselves a raise not only for 2017 but also in 2016? This inconsistency rises to the level of hypocrisy.

William Erhart

Seems rather excessive to us

To the Editor:

We live on a block long street that ends in a cul-de-sac by the railroad tracks. We have one street light in the approximate middle of the block.

On Nov. 22 of 2016 I submitted an online form to the City of Coon Rapids reporting that the street light had been out for a week. The site indicated we should expect about 10 days to resolve issues.

We patiently waited until Dec. 19 (one day short of four weeks) and then submitted another report. I received a polite response to my second submission indicating that they had a backlog of repairs.

Today marks over 10 weeks since my initial report. Because of the railroad tracks and the empty field across from us our entire block is pitch black at night and perfect for who knows what kind of crime.

We’ve driven around other areas and haven’t actually seen any other lights out so we’re wondering where the backlog is occurring. Ten weeks seems rather excessive to us.

Vern and Denise Chandler
Coon Rapids