East Bethel owners assessed for road improvements

The East Bethel City Council, with a 4-0 vote at its Feb. 1 meeting, approved assessments to the six properties in the Tolzmann’s Whispering Pines plat for $4,878 each for road improvements.

Property owners were contacted in the fall of 2016 in conjunction with the road improvement plans to Fillmore Street, the adjoining service road. At the Oct. 19, council meeting last year, council was presented with the costing of the project, and in turn city staff provided homeowners with information on the potential work that would be done on the gravel road as well as cost estimates.

The work is being financed by the East Bethel street capital fund, with a total project cost of $82,077 The affected homeowners will have scheduled payments beginning in January 2018. Annual payments of $610 will continue for 10 years; however, homeowners do have the option of paying off the balance at any time.

Homeowners will see their gravel road paved, drain and ditch work performed and some limited curbing implemented. While no homeowners spoke during the final approval hearing during the council meeting, four of the six had earlier expressed their support of the project.

City Administrator Jack Davis said, “With work starting this summer, the project, running on the west side of Highway 65 on Fillmore Street between 187th Lane and Viking Boulevard, will be completed by the end of October of this year.”