Letters to the Editor for Feb. 17

Religious motives at root of LGBT debate

To the Editor:

There has been a dismally prolonged commentary concerning education and civil liberties around and about LGBT issues. There are some consistencies.

The opponents of LGBT rights always use discredited, obsolete or misconstrued science to bolster their beliefs.

Opponents of LGBT rights are never interested in debates that involve detailed sharing of scientific data.

Opponents of LGBT rights take no personal responsibility for the quality of their information. They do not double-check their facts. They do not ask for clarification about scientific interpretations. They do not check current literature for the best information.

Opponents of LGBT rights cannot be pinned down in debate. They slip-and-slither all over the place to avoid acknowledging scientific findings contrary to their doctrines.

In fact, they’re generally unable to respond in a scientifically literate fashion because they’re being spoon fed junk science and junk history from wholesale distributors of junk information. The letter writers are simply couriers of disinformation.

There’s a reason for this. Evidence is irrelevant to them. They have demonstrated a complete indifference to evidence as seen in the comments and letters section of Jan 13, 20 and 27.

The appearance of scientific legitimacy is merely a cloaking device to conceal their religious motives.

Let’s cut the nonsense. There is nothing to be gained by debating Ms. Anderson or Mr. Jensen on scientific grounds. If they’re concerned about a religious issue, let them put their doctrines up for inspection and comment.

Let’s be honest. Let’s drop the smokescreen and discuss the real issues.

Rod Kuehn

Stop with the personal attacks

To the Editor:

James Bofenkamp’s Jan 27. letter (“Impeachment the only alternative”) and Marge Miller’s Feb. 10 response (“Trump is putting America first” ) left me reeling from the levels of hate-filled ad hominem attacks.

Does Mr. Bofenkamp really believe the White House is inhabited by “unadulterated evil,” that Trump is the “anti-Christ,” and that all 63 million Trump voters are “malicious, hateful, mean-spirited, racist and sexist”?

Yes, according to some constitutional law scholars (Tribe, Painter, etc.), Trump has and continues to commit impeachable offenses. I am very concerned because he is dismissive of the separation of powers (“so-called judge”) and considers the Press as the “opposition.” I strongly disagree with about every position he takes. But evil? Nah.

About those 63 million voters: sure, maybe some are malicious, hateful, mean-spirited, racist or sexist, but none of the Trump voters I know are any of those things. Yet, Mr. Bofenkamp’s letter sounded a bit hateful and mean-spirited itself.

Ms. Miller’s response was not only hateful and mean-spirited, but also a torrent of bizarre, unsubstantiated claims! Here are just three of her absurd, baseless claims. I challenge her to provide even one documented example of each:

1. “Obama tried to crush Christianity…” How? When?

2. “Obama put [Americans] last – Obama put Muslims and illegals first.” Really? This statement is also deeply offensive. First, being American and being Muslim are not mutually exclusive! Second, it implies there is something wrong with being Muslim.

3. “Our schools have become a den of gay and lesbian strongholds.” What? Again, also offensive because it implies there is something wrong with being gay or lesbian.

She also attacked Mr. Bofenkamp because he called Trump evil, yet it is apparently OK for her to call Clinton evil. Does she even get the irony? And worse, she labeled Mr. Bofenkamp a liar. That was totally uncalled for. Having a different world view does not make one a liar.

Everyone, can we tone it down? Let’s stop the personal attacks and baseless claims. Just state facts and make your case. OK?

Al Ferber

Writer’s screed short on facts

To the Editor:

In response to Marge Miller’s screed I would suggest that she watch something that is not Fox News. I will explain but I don’t think that she will believe me.

Mr. Brofenkamp can’t be sued for expressing his opinion. Trump currently has 75 open lawsuits against him and has recently been found guilty in one involving his Florida golf club. He is dishonest and many, including members of congress, think he is severely mentally ill.

Trump is not a brilliant man but a con man who has pulled the wool over the eyes of the American public. Claiming to be “draining the swamp” in Washington he has filled his cabinet with unqualified billionaires. The swamp has now turned into a cesspool. Brilliant businessmen don’t file bankruptcy four times.

Planned Parenthood provides valuable services to all people but especially low-income women. They have not had the ability to provide abortions with federal funding since the 70s.

How have our schools become dens/strongholds of gays and lesbians? Ten percent of the population is LBGTQ and believe it or not they are just like me and you. You must not be much of Christian yourself since you find it so easy to judge those you disagree with.

The countries currently on the visa/immigration ban list are all countries in which Trump does not do business. 9/11 was perpetrated by men of Saudi Arabian descent. There has never been an attack by a Syrian but again, you don’t know that because you watch Fox News.

As for the United States going back to Christianity, we are not a Christian nation we are a nation founded on the rule of law. This is why we have three branches of government that check and balance each other.

If Trump starts WW-III will you take back your uninformed beliefs? You put your pen to paper and immediately showed your ignorance Ms. Miller. In the future you would be wise to get any fact correct before you put your foot in it again. So sad!

Kathy Stachowski
Coon Rapids

  • Mark Jensen

    I have no idea why Mr. Kuehn wants to suggest that I have a disgreement with him based on religion. My disagreement with him is solely based on science.

    Every single Google link Mr. Kuehn has posted to some new “scientific” finding states that this is all about removing barriers to healthcare. I agree, In your own words, “Let’s cut the nonsense here.”

    This has nothing to do with science. It has everything to do with political correctness, the ostracization of transgender individuals, and who is going to pay for psychiatric help and gender reassignment surgery.

    Again, Mr. Kuehn, how many body parts do you need to mutilate or augment before you change your DNA? It’s an easy answer.

    Hence, Gender Dysphoria is not biological, it is purely psychological. A man can think they are a 6’5″ chinese woman, it doesn’t make them so.


    Women who are anorexic can believe they see and are an obese woman when they look in a mirror. It doesn’t make them so.

    These are psychological disorders, not biological ones.

    • RodKuehn

      “My disagreement with him is solely based on science.”

      Really? Well, who’d a thunk!