East Bethel recycling program earns additional grant funding

For the second year in a row, the city of East Bethel exceeded the Minnesota SCORE recycling program goal, administered locally by the Anoka County Department of Integrated Waste Management, and gained an extra $33,000 in funding for their recycling efforts.

The East Bethel program is managed by city staffers Karen White and Dallas Jelmberg.

Jack Davis, city administrator for East Bethel, said: “Karen and Dallas are the main reason the program has done so well. They have both embraced the program, engaged themselves and others in the work and have taken on the recycling job duties in addition to their regular work.”

Three years ago, East Bethel was at 99 percent of its SCORE goal, which is set by the county. All items must be certified as recyclable to be counted toward the yearly goal, but in 2014, a portion of the recycled items were not counted and put the city just shy of 100 percent when it seemed as if the city had hit the goal.

Two years ago it hit 105 percent of the goal, and for 2016 East Bethel came in at 130 percent.

“After we missed the goal three years ago, the staff really got behind the program,” Davis said.

In addition to the spring Recycling Days program, similar to most local cities, East Bethel added a monthly recycling day that is staffed by the Lions Club.

“Now we can offer more options with the monthly program and it’s helped us hit our goal,” Davis said.

Davis noted East Bethel has added more recycling opportunities at parks and during events and will continue to promote recycling through its city newsletter and website.