Coon Rapids hosts fix-it clinic

Contributing Writer

Fix it, don’t trash it, is the message to residents from the city of Coon Rapids.

The city hosts a fix-it clinic from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Coon Rapids Public Works Garage, 1831 111th Ave. NW, Saturday, March 4.

This is the second fix-it clinic put on by the city’s recycling center – the first was in 2015 – and another is planned in October, according to Colleen Sinclair, city recycling coordinator.

The city’s Sustainability Commission has been the driving force behind the fix-it clinics in an effort to increase outreach to the community and add more events that encourage residents to put less in the trash and landfills, Sinclair said.

“It’s a great way to fix and reuse household item rather than throw them away,” she said.

At the clinic, volunteers will disassemble, troubleshoot and repair broken items such as small appliances, toasters, vacuums, household electronics and lamps, Sinclair said.

“These are often older items that people don’t want to part with,” she said.

“Residents can get items fixed free of charge so they don’t end up in the garbage.”

Not only that, but the volunteers teach and encourage residents to learn the skills needed to do the repairs themselves, Sinclair said.

A dozen or so volunteers have signed up for the March 4 fix-it clinic, according to Sinclair.

The clinic will take place in the public works building’s lunch room, which is a very big room with a tile floor, she said.

The 2015 clinic took place at the Coon Rapids Civic Center, but the decision to move it to the public works garage was made because the civic center is booked up with other events, like weddings, making it difficult to find an open date, Sinclair said.

More than 30 residents brought items to the 2015 clinic – everything from antique toasters and lamps to radios and vacuum cleaners.

Only four pieces could not be fixed, while 200 pounds of broken items were repaired and just 88 pounds ended up in the trash.

For more information call 763-767-4689.