New homes, lot split for church approved

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The Blaine City Council on Feb. 16 approved nine more single family homes to be built on the southeast corner of Cloud Drive and London Street within an existing neighborhood and north of London Park.

An existing home and two accessory structures are being removed from this 3.7-acre property to make way for the nine homes that will be constructed by Woodland Development, which is a Ham Lake-based company.

One of the neighbors – Gail Brown – had questioned at a prior meeting who would maintain a stormwater pond that is split between two property lines.

Byron Westlund, of Woodland Development, told the council on Feb. 16 that he was finalizing an agreement with the local watershed district. The Coon Creek Watershed District would maintain the pond, but would have a special taxing district for the nine homeowners to have funding for the work.

“We thought that would be the best way to handle it,” he said.

Church proposed

Paxmar received council’s approval on Feb. 16 to subdivide 12.84 acres into four parcels.

The property is a long strip on the east side of Lexington Avenue, just south of 125th Avenue and the Shell gas station.

According to Planning and Community Development Director Bryan Schafer, Renovation Church expressed interest in buying six acres from Paxmar so it can begin planning for the construction of a new church. The congregation currently meets at Northpoint Elementary School.

In answering a question from Council Member Jason King, Schafer clarified that the council was not committing to approving building of the church itself by approving these new lot boundaries. Renovation Church would still need a conditional use permit from the council once a specific development plan comes forward.

King said he had thought the plan for this property was for commercial development.

“Certainly the vision is commercial,” Schafer said. “However, the zoning district does allow churches. They wouldn’t be asking for a re-zoning in the future. They would be asking for a conditional use permit.”

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