Top 5 ‘bad guys’ easiest to cheer for on Netflix

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Every good TV show needs a bad guy. And sometimes it becomes easy to cheer for that bad guy. No matter how bad their morals are or how awful their actions get, you can’t help but cheer for the guy and wanting to see something good happen to him. Most of the time this happens when he is one of the main characters on the show.

Sam Herder
Sam Herder

Disclaimer: If you are unable to separate reality and a TV show, then this article is not for you. In the real world, no one should condone these actions. But TV series aren’t real, and neither are the characters.

5. Jax Teller

The show: Sons of Anarchy

The plot: SOA follows a motorcycle club, SAMCRO. As expected, the club is filled with tough, rugged guys who have beef with other biker gangs and law enforcement through the dealing of drugs and weapons.

The character: Jax Teller is the Vice President of the club who eventually takes it over. He tries to do what’s best for the club and his kids, but sometimes those two can’t be accomplished at the same time. While Teller has gotten away with almost every crime in the book, you can’t help but cheer for the man as he tries to get his kids out of the family business without destroying the club his own father helped build.

4. Walter White (Heisenberg)

The show: Breaking Bad

The plot: This show tells the story of White, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. White decides to begin cooking and dealing meth to set his family up financially when he passes.

The character: White is originally doing something wrong for the right reasons. But with his background in chemistry, his “product” becomes the best “product” out there. As expected, White has run-ins with other dealers and becomes money hungry as his income grows. He goes from being a teacher trying to get money for his family to a powerful drug lord.

3. Lincoln Burrows

The show: Prison Break

The plot: Burrows is given the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit. His brother, Michael Scofield, who is a structural engineer, constructs a plan to break Burrows out of jail by getting himself incarcerated.

The character: While Burrows is innocent, he still lived a dangerous lifestyle and hung around the wrong crowd. He was the perfect guy to frame for the murder of Terrence Steadman, the brother of Vice President of the United States Caroline Reynolds. Even after the successful escape, the brothers are being chased. Burrows doesn’t have the morals of Scofield, but it’s still easy to root for him dodging the feds.

2. Frank Gallagher

The show: Shameless

The plot: A Chicago family of renegades live paycheck to paycheck, scamming and scouring their way for food and money.

The character: The alcoholic father, Frank, does not help at all in raising his six kids. His ways of earning money, from injuring himself on purpose for workers compensation to filing for a fake disability, is admittedly entertaining. His income mostly goes to the local bar, where is tab is often unpaid. He’s the worst kind of parent, but you become attached to the character and always find yourself cheering when he weasels his way out of a bad situation.

1. Dexter Morgan

The show: Dexter

The plot: Dexter is a forensic blood spatter analyst in Miami. But in his personal life, Dexter is a serial killer who only targets other killers who have escaped freely from their crimes.

The character: Is Dexter a good person or a bad person? That’s the debate. He is a father trying to raise his son to be as normal as possible. But Dexter isn’t a normal person. He doesn’t feel emotions, something his father recognized at an only age. Dexter was taught “The Code,” which says he can only kill those who he can prove are guilty killers and he must keep it a secret to avoid getting caught.

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