3 juveniles charged with Coon Rapids robbery

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Three teens each face a felony charge in Anoka County Juvenile Court for allegedly threatening a 15-year-old boy, then robbing him of the clothes he was wearing and a cell phone during an incident in Coon Rapids Feb. 20.

Delinquency petitions were filed by the Anoka County Attorney’s Office in juvenile court Feb. 22 charging Kavon Deray Wagner, 16, Coon Rapids, Charles Chico Jones, 17, Minneapolis, and Tyler Thomas Hadtrath, 17, Coon Rapids, with felony simple robbery.

According to the petition, Coon Rapids Police responded to the McDonald’s on Gateway Drive the evening of Feb. 20 following a report of several juveniles involved in an altercation.

On arrival, they found a boy running around the parking lot in his underwear and he told officers that he had arrived at McDonald’s in a car when another car pulled up behind and blocked it.

He alleged that some people in that car got out, approached his car, opened the door and demanded money they said he owed them, then told him to take off his clothes or he would be assaulted.

The petition alleges that the victim complied, gave them his clothes and he also had his cell phone taken by the suspects, who then drove off.

According to the petition, the boy identified the teens making the demands as Wagner, “Charles,” later identified as Jones, and Hadtrath.

A witness essentially corroborated the victim’s account and alleged that Hadtrath had set up the incident.

As police were talking with the 15-year-old, he pointed out some juveniles, later identified as Wagner, Hadtrath and Jones, who were in the car involved in the incident, across the street at the Taco Bell and they were detained.

In the car in plain view were the victim’s clothing, while the cell phone was found on the person of the driver of the vehicle, an 18-year-old woman, the petition alleges.

The driver alleged she was told to stop at McDonald’s by Wagner, who got out of the car, opened up the car door containing the victim and yelled something at him, while Jones alleged he was in the car when Wagner told the driver to stop at McDonald’s and demanded money the victim owed him, then saw the 15-year-old take off his clothes, which Wagner put in the car and they drove off.

Another witness alleged that Jones and Wagner approached the victim, demanded money, then took his clothes.

He also alleged that Hadtrath, in a phone call, told him to stay at McDonald’s with the victim while the others would come and confront him.

Hadtrath alleged he had nothing to do with the incident, but did admit to getting out of the car and approach the car which the victim was in to see who was in it, but it was Jones who took the clothing.

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