Share your home or garden on annual Anoka tour

By Rebecca Ebnet-Mavencamp
Contributing Writer

To celebrate the first week of spring in 2017, the weather has cooperated and provided sunshine and tulips poking through the soil while the 14th Annual Home and Garden Tour committee has geared up their planning ready for the event from 1-5 p.m. July 9.

A collaboration between the Anoka County Historical Society and the Anoka Heritage Preservation Commission, the event draws between 300 and 600 attendees to downtown Anoka each July. The first event was held in 2004 and records indicate it was “a beautiful, Sunday afternoon, with the purpose of highlighting the history and the architecture that make Anoka’s homes so unique.” Six homeowners hosted 280 visitors with the help of 37 volunteers and 15 sponsors that first year and organizers noted the event “not only provided a wonderful community event to promote history, but it also helped provide much-needed monetary support for the hosting organizations who will share the profits equally.”

The following year, the number of homes showcased on the tour grew to 14, a number that has held relatively steady through time. Given the four hour time window guests have to complete the self-guided tour, spending any less than 15 minutes per home would certainly reduce the value of their experience.

This year, the ACHS and HPC invite you to nominate yourself or your neighbor who live in the cty of Anoka as a featured property on the Home and Garden Tour. The committee will evaluate the nominations received based on location relative to the other nominations, as well as distinctive feature of both home and garden. Ideal homes have distinctive architectural features, a history of careful renovation, or an interesting story to tell. Gardens that have inspired tour attendees in the past showcase visually interesting design elements, water features, specialty plants, heritage plants, or simply possess a sense of serenity.

To submit a nomination, please send your name, address, and a few sample photos to ACHS at 2135 Third Ave N, Anoka or [email protected] You can also stop into the History Center with your information or visit Clark Palmer in the City of Anoka Planning Office.

Help make this fundraiser a success, have the pleasure of showing off your home, the time invested into your house restoration and design, garden, and Anoka heritage. Past homeowners have made new friends, met previous owners of their home, heard great stories, and learned more about the history of their property as ACHS researched the history of the property.

Be a part of preserving Anoka history and community.

Rebecca Ebnet-Mavencamp is the executive director of the Anoka County Historical Society.