Letters to the Editor for April 7

Faith motivation under false flag of science

To the Editor:

My heart goes out to Ms. Barb Anderson (March 2, No need for social experiments). Her religious perspective is in direct conflict with science and the demands of a world that runs on the wheels of observable fact. She’s up against a world that no longer submits to religious domination.

With that in mind, our lesson for the day comes from 2 Corinthians, chapter 4, verse 2: “But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God.”

I believe Ms. Anderson genuinely believes that her faith calls her to warn about the “evils” of being a sexual minority. It’s unfortunate, however, that she conceals her faith motivation under the false flag of science. I also marvel that she doesn’t realize that her continued use of transparently bogus science must inevitably corrupt both her soul and society.

Have her friends or preacher not warned her of the moral dangers of using “disgraceful, underhanded ways” and “practicing cunning”?

If God prefers honesty and the open truth, is Ms. Anderson doing God’s work or merely acting on her own prejudices under cover of faith? Is she abusing a loving God to advance hate?

When a faith community resorts to falsifying science, history, and law, its natural outcome is corruption, not salvation. The spectacular proof, of course, is the election of Donald Trump. Eighty-one percent of white evangelicals voted for perhaps the most profane, self-serving, honesty-challenged, demagogic president in American history.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits … Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” (Matthew 7:16-17)

Many of our young are so disgusted by the aggressive dishonesty and cruelty of the most vociferous proponents of “Christian values” that they are abandoning the faith.

“For, as it is written, ‘The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.’” (Romans 2:24).

Rod Kuehn

Style Show a success

To the Editor:

The Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary hosted its 12th annual style show/luncheon/silent auction on March 25. We would like to thank all the volunteers from the Auxiliary for putting in long hours and getting donations, selling tickets, preparing food, making desserts, modeling, donating baskets and more. Thank you to Post members who helped take pictures, escorted models on and off stage, washed dishes, etc. A special thank you to Bill, Nancy and Nicole (non-members) for helping in lots of ways, sorry of I missed someone. Thanks to all of the guests who came to this fundraiser, all the proceeds go to the Auxiliary programs that help veterans, children and youth, and educational scholarships. Please patronize and thank all the businesses who provided the silent auction and door prizes.

They include: Acapulco, Ramsey; American Family Insurance, agent Kathleen Pohls; Avon, Donna McGregor; Avon, Sandi Cotter; Blaine Car Wash; The Boulevard; Brass Rail, Grandy; Carlson Toyota, Caribou Coffee; Chanticlear Pizza; Coon Rapids American Legion #334; Coon Rapids Express Car Wash; Coon Rapids Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram; Coon Rapids Goodyear; COSTCO; Cub Northdale; Cub Riverdale; Culver’s; Denny’s; Dress Barn; Fantastic Sam’s, Andover; Fantastic Sam’s, Coon Rapids; Forever Floral; Geri Friday; G’s Café; Grand Casino; Great Clips, Blaine; Great Clips, Northdale; Great Clips, Riverdale; Hi-Ten Service Center, Scott Schulte; HOM Furniture; King’s County Market; Klein Bank; Lowe’s; Majestic Oaks Golf Club; MINNOCO Hwy. 10 Mobile; North Country Ford, Lincoln, Mercury; Outback Steak House; Pappy’s II; Perkins, Anoka; Precision Tune; Q Salon and Spa; Red Lobster; Simonson’s Salon and Spa; Sparky’s Café; State Farm Insurance, agent Julie Bolt; St. Croix Casino; Texas Road House; Toni’s Flowers; Willey’s Bar and Grill; Wiser’s Choice Liquor.

Diane Bohlman
Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary

How can someone be consumed by hatred?

To the Editor:

For years I have been reading the hateful and disgusting letters written by Gene Hodel and Barb Anderson. The readers of the Union should know that these two serial posters have limits on them imposed by the Union. Because of their constant bashing of homosexuals, transgender, gay marriage, etc., they are only allowed one letter in a given time period on this subject. To people with a normal thought process you may ask how can someone be so consumed by this hatred. This may help to explain this behavior. I have a relative who has a friend that is a psychologist/counselor. I happened to see this person at a gathering, and asked why some people have such extreme homophobia. She told me in many cases, the individual is not sure of their own sexuality and it scares them to death. So they attack what scares them as a deflection and guard against their own thoughts. Sort of makes you wonder.

John Kane
Oak Grove

Homosexuals not ‘born that way’

To the Editor:

Lady Gaga, a talented singer and songwriter, has written many hit songs such as “Born This Way.” The lyrics of this song include words that perpetuate the myth that gays cannot change because they are ‘born’ homosexual.

Last fall a top researcher with the American Psychological Association, Dr. Lisa Diamond, refuted this myth in a stunning reversal. Dr. Diamond, a lesbian activist and one of the “most respected members” of the APA, says that sexual orientation is “fluid” and not unchangeable.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Laura A. Haynes has read Diamond’s research and summarizes: “The battle to disprove ‘Born that way and can’t change’ is now over, and (Diamond) is telling LGBT activists to stop promoting the myth.”

According to writer Robert Oscar Lopez, “If you say people are ‘born gay,’ you imply that people have sexual desires from birth and a destiny that demands they initiate themselves into sex. The actual mechanics of sodomy are traumatic — painful, unhygienic, even humiliatingly awkward — but society refuses to speak honestly about it even as they want kids to know about homosexuality.”

Dr. Paul R. McHugh is the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University and former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has studied sexuality for 40 years and concludes: “Well, as I have said, there is no gay gene. And there are factors more influential than biology….the environment is very important.”

Today we constantly told that it is all about “who you love.” Dr. McHugh says that we have confused “desire” with “love” and that homosexuality is a false or “erroneous desire.” He concludes: “…The issue of the homosexual is not separate, it’s all part and parcel of the pandemonium that the permissive movement has brought. We have just licensed all kinds of behavior.”

No, Lady Gaga, homosexuals are not “born that way.” They are not locked into a lifestyle of aberrant, unhealthy behavior. The truth is they can change. It’s time for everyone to stop promoting the myth and speak the truth in love.

Barb Anderson

  • RodKuehn

    John Kane: The Union has a general policy, applicable to all writers, that they are allotted one letter per month.

  • John kane

    Rod kuehn, I have noticed you have quite a lot to say on a variety of subjects. I was quoting what the lady at the Union tod me about the frecuency of letters. If I am in error maybe you can suggest a Bible Verse that will help me see the the light.

    • RodKuehn

      Indeed I do, Mr. Kane. Ecclesiastes 3:1,7,7a
      To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
      A time to rend, and time to sew; a time to keep silence and a time to speak.
      One letter only per month is granted, so other opinions can also be sampled.