Contracts awarded for Coon Lake County Park projects

Contributing Writer

Contracts were awarded by the Anoka County Board March 28 for two improvement projects in Coon Lake County Park, Columbus.

One is to construct a new multipurpose building and the other to install a new on-site sanitary sewer system.

The county went out for bids for the multipurpose building last year but rejected the lone bid because it was $107,000 over budget, according to Commissioner Matt Look, who chairs the board’s Finance and Capital Improvements Committee.

No changes were made in the project scope, and this time three bids were received, said Jeff Perry, county park planning and resource manager.

The low bid from Grindstone Construction Services, Buffalo, totaled $221,646. The estimated cost was $265,000, Perry said.

Right now, the park has a partial restroom enclosure, which will be repurposed into two handicap-accessible changing rooms for beach users, while the new building will house three full-service family restrooms with a mechanical/storage room and a new drinking fountain, according to Perry.

There were two bidders for the sanitary sewer project; the low bid was from Dunaway Construction, Columbus, coming in at $119,754. The budget was $127,000.

Work on both projects will start in the next two weeks with completion in October, Perry said.

The park will remain open for business during construction, including access to the boat launch, he said.

A third improvement project at the park took place last year – a $54,640 contract to expand the parking lot.

All three projects are being paid for from proceeds of an $8.78 million general obligation capital improvement bond issue sold by the County Board in March 2016.

Other projects funded by the bond issue are a major renovation of courtrooms in the Anoka County Courthouse, primarily to enhance security, on which construction continues, and replacement of outdated jail locks at the Anoka County Jail, for which the board awarded a contract in June 2016.