Serial shoplifter charged with felony

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A man who allegedly shoplifted merchandise nine different times from Target stores, including six occasions at Target Greatland, 8600 Springbrook Dr. NW, Coon Rapids, between Jan. 13 and March 15 has been charged in Anoka County District Court with felony theft.

Edward Lamar Garrett, 37, Minneapolis, was arraigned in court on the charge April 3. Bail was set at $30,000 without conditions or $5,000 with conditions and his next court hearing is May 1.

Coon Rapids Police issued a statewide Kops alert for the arrest of Garrett for probable cause felony theft.

Garrett was arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, said Capt. Jon Urquhart, Coon Rapids Police.

According to the complaint, Coon Rapids Police received information in March from the Springbrook Drive Target Greatland asset protection manager that Garrett had identified a male who been stealing from the store.

Garrett allegedly took items such as television sets, vacuums and iRobot Roombas from the sales floor and left Target without making any attempt to pay for them.

Besides the six incidents at the Springbrook Drive Target, surveillance video also allegedly identified Garrett shoplifting from a St. Louis Park Target twice and once from a Minneapolis Target.

The value of items taken from the Target stores totals $2,754.92, according to the complaint.

Court records show that Garrett entered a guilty plea in Anoka County District Court Dec. 7, 2016 to a gross misdemeanor fourth-degree burglary charge after originally being charged with third-degree burglary for a shoplifting incident at the Burlington Coat Factory store in Northtown Mall, Blaine, where he had taken jacket without paying for it and was arrested by police in the shopping center.

As a result of a trespassing incident at the mall Oct. 18, 2016, Garrett did not have permission to visit any store at Northtown, according to the complaint.

At sentencing March 13, Garrett was placed on probation for two years and a 365-day jail term was stayed for two years. Probation conditions included 20 hours of community service work in lieu of a $200 fine and no same or similar offenses.

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