Lot split approved for Coon Rapids parcel platted in 1923

Contributing Writer

A lot split that included variances was approved unanimously by the Coon Rapids City Council April 4 for a parcel that was platted in 1923.

The request from Tom Stanek to divide a 19,357-square-foot parcel (0.44 acres) at 10437 Jay St. NW, on which there is an existing residence, into two lots had been recommended for approval by the Coon Rapids Planning Commission on a 5-0 vote March 16 following a public hearing.

The property is located in the Forest Park neighborhood, which is north of Coon Rapids Boulevard, south of the double-line Burlington-Northern Santa Fe Railway tracks, east of Hanson Boulevard and west of Egret Boulevard.

At the time the lot was platted in 1923, there was no Coon Rapids. Almost all of the land that now comprises the city of Coon Rapids was in Anoka Township, which existed from 1878 to 1952 when the village of Coon Rapids was created. Coon Rapids became a city in 1959.

According to Planner Scott Harlicker, variances were needed for lot depth, lot width and lot area requirements, which were not in place in 1923.

The current residence will meet the new lot line setback, but three non-conforming detached sheds on the property will have to be moved because they don’t meet setback requirements, Harlicker told the council.

The variances are needed because the parcel is 129 feet deep and 150 feet wide, while the proposed lots will be 75 feet wide and 129 feet deep when the minimum lot width under code is 80 feet and the minimum depth is 135 feet, he said.

In addition, one parcel created by the lot split will be 9,684 square feet and the other 9,673 square feet, but code requires a minimum lot area of 10,800 square feet, Harlicker said.

However, the adjacent lot to the south was granted similar variances and was approved for a subdivision in September 2014, according to Harlicker.

There are 13 lots within two Forest Park subdivision block that are 75 feet wide and there are a wide range of lot widths ranging from 75 to 175 feet, Harlicker said.

“Forest Park was platted as 25-foot-wide lots and a builder could purchase as many 25-foot-wide lots as it needed, he said.

Likewise, there are 13 lots in the neighborhood that don’t meet the code-required 10,800 square feet, ranging from 19,575 square feet to 9,707 square feet in size, Harlicker told the council.

And while both lots are 129 feet deep when code mandates a minimum lot depth of 135 feet, the 1923 plat shows the lots as 130.5 feet deep with a 14-foot alley in the rear, he said.

Council Member Brad Johnson was not aware there were any alleys in Coon Rapids and suggested that it might be vacated by the city for this parcel.

But City Attorney David Brodie said that utility easements were located in the alley area shown on the plat.

According to Council Member Brad Greskowiak, the Planning Commission did a good job dealing with this lot split and the variances.

In another action April 4, the council approved a lot split to subdivide property totaling 112,657 square feet at 10334 Mississippi Blvd., which is located on the Mississippi River, at the request of Parent Custom Homes.

As part of the lot split, the existing house, attached and detached garages will be demolished, according to Harlicker.

The proposed lots, which will be 100 feet wide and 530 feet deep, meet all setback requirements as well as the code standards of the low-density residential 1 zoning district with one parcel at 55,463 square feet and the other at 57,154 square feet, far in excess of the 15,000 square-foot minimum lot size, Harlicker said.

Coon Creek Watershed District permits will be required before construction can start on the two houses, he said.