Road reconstruction project agreement

Contributing Writer

The cities of Andover and Coon Rapids will split the cost of reconstructing 133rd Avenue, a border street, from Crooked Lake Boulevard to Gladiola Street.

The Coon Rapids City Council April 4 approved an agreement for the project, which will be done as part of the Coon Rapids’ 2017 street reconstruction program. The Andover City Council approved the agreement at its March 21 meeting.

According to Mark Hansen, Coon Rapids assistant city engineer, the 133rd Avenue street segment was rated in poor condition by Coon Rapids engineering staff in 2016.

Staff from both cities coordinated and agreed on the condition of the road and recommended this street for reconstruction as part of one of four street reconstruction projects planned by Coon Rapids this year.

That project includes 2.9 miles of 21 small segment residential streets throughout the city. The Coon Rapids City Council is scheduled to award contracts on all four projects at its May 2 meeting with construction taking place between May and September.

Under the agreement, the estimated $75,000 cost of the 133rd Avenue segment will be split 50-50 between the two cities, but Andover will pay Coon Rapids 20 percent for engineering and administration based on the final construction cost, according to Hansen.

Coon Rapids will be assessing benefiting properties on its side of 133rd Avenue for a portion of the project cost at a rate of $1,843 per single-family residential lot, $23.04 per front foot for duplex, townhouse and apartment properties, $46.07 per front foot on commercial properties and $59.89 per front foot for industrial properties.

Andover will assess $1,843 to three parcels with curb and gutter and $3,015 for one lot that will need to have curb and gutter added.