Contracts awarded on four Coon Rapids street projects

Contributing Writer

Low bids on all four city of Coon Rapids 2017 street reconstruction projects covering a total of 10.5 miles came in well under the engineer’s estimates.

The Coon Rapids City Council May 2 awarded contracts for all four projects, as well as approving assessments on which hearings took place Feb. 19.

Council Member Wade Demmer estimated the difference between the low bids and the engineer’s estimates over the four projects was some $1.5 million in the city’s favor.

Three of the projects will reconstruct a myriad of city residential roads, the fourth three collector streets which are built wider and thicker to carry more traffic and receive state-aid funding to pay some of the cost.

Construction on all the projects will start in mid-May and be completed by the end of September, according to Mark Hansen, assistant city engineer.

Besides reconstructing the streets, the projects will remove and replace damaged curb and gutter, improve sidewalk and pedestrian curb ramps to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements, replace water main pipe valves and hydrants and make repairs to or replace existing storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer as needed, he said

Assessment rates are $1,843.08 for all single-family residential lots, $23.04 per front foot for duplex, townhouse and apartment properties, $46.07 a front foot on commercial properties and $59.89 a front foot for industrial properties.

The balance of the cost will be paid from the city’s street reconstruction fund for residential streets and state aid street dollars for the collector streets plus storm water, water and sanitary sewer utility funds for work on those systems that are part of each project.

The contract for Project 1, which covers 3.1 miles and 13 streets generally east of Dogwood Street and west of University Avenue from 101st Avenue north to Egret Boulevard and will include water main pipe replacement on 104th Avenue and 104th Lane, was awarded to Park Construction Company in the amount of $2.05 million. The engineer’s estimate was $2.66 million.

Assessments to benefiting properties total $554,808.69, impacting 252 single-family homes, one duplex and two city-owned parks.

According to Mayor Jerry Koch, only about $150 separated the low bid from the second low bidder in a $2 million-plus project.

Park Construction Company also submitted the low bid in the amount of $2.04 million (the engineer’s estimate was $2.36 million) on Project 2 which will reconstruct three state aid collector streets totaling 1.5 miles – 121st Avenue from Foley Boulevard to University Avenue, 101st Avenue from Foley to University and Shenandoah Boulevard south of Main Street from 124th Lane to 122nd Avenue.

In addition, the existing six-inch watermain on 101st Avenue will be replaced with a 12-inch watermain, according to Hansen.

Assessments totaling $139,779.38 were approved for benefiting properties, which include 26 single-family homes, two apartment properties, five commercial properties and one agricultural parcel assessed as commercial.

The contract for Project 3, 24 residential street segments covering some three miles generally in the Burl Oaks neighborhood east of Foley, west of University and north of 121st Avenue, was awarded to North Valley, Inc. in the amount of $1.59 million. The engineer’s estimate was $1.84 million.

Assessments totaling $582,445.67 will be spread against 287 single-family homes and 56 condominium/townhome properties.

The council also approved a contract with North Valley, Inc. totaling $1.71 million for Project 4 which includes 2.9 miles of 21 small street segments in eight areas of Coon Rapids, both north and south of Main Street.

The engineer’s estimate was $2.06 million and the amount approved for assessments was $468,833.32 impacting 292 single-family homes, 20 condominium properties, two apartment properties, six commercial properties and six city-owned parcels.

According to Hansen, information, including frequently asked questions, construction schedule and a list of city and contractor contacts will be mailed to affected property owners following pre-construction meetings with the contractors.

In addition, construction updates will be posted weekly on the city website and property owners can sign up for email alerts notifying them when updates are available.