Probation for guilty plea to stalking charge

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A Coon Rapids man who was charged with three felonies in Anoka County District Court following a police call of an intruder at a residence on the 12000 block of Rose Street Northwest in August 2016 has entered a guilty plea to one of them and was placed on probation for 10 years.

Shawn Richard Graves, 52, pleaded guilty Jan. 30 to a felony stalking count, and at sentencing April 21, two felony first-degree charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Probation conditions include random urinalysis and breath tests on demand at his own expense; anger management; no alcohol or controlled substance use or possession; no assault, assaultive, violent or threatening behavior; no contact with the victims, direct or indirect; attend Veterans Affairs weekend drop-in recovery group as directed by the Anoka County Corrections Department; follow all recommendations of treating mental health providers; cooperate with the VA case manager, following all recommendations for programs and/or VA services; and take medications in the prescribed dosage and frequency.

Graves was given credit for eight days spent in jail and the court issued a stay of adjudication, meaning the conviction won’t be placed on his record provided he complies with all the court-ordered conditions.

When police arrived at the Rose Street residence in response to a call the evening of Aug. 6, 2016, a woman reported she had arrived home with her boyfriend and they were unloading items from the car in the garage when a man approached them and she recognized him as Graves because he had shown up at the house a few days earlier, had been assaultive toward her family and was arrested, according to the complaint.

She alleged Rose made grunting noises and chased her and her boyfriend around the car and she was fearful that he was going to hurt them. The boyfriend picked up a folding chair to ward off Graves as they attempted to enter the house while she screamed for her parents to call police.

Her parents came into the garage, ordered Graves to leave, which he refused to do for several minutes, and the complaint alleges that all three family members stated they thought Graves was going to harm them.

After he fled, Graves was apprehended nearby by an off-duty Hennepin County deputy who lives in the area and heard the screaming.

According to the complaint, Graves had been at the residence twice on Aug. 5, 2016, once in the late afternoon when he entered the garage and refused to leave, then sat on the lawn after repeatedly trying to antagonize the woman’s father into punching him before leaving when the father threatened to call police.

Graves allegedly came back in the early evening, again confronted the woman’s father and ultimately shoved him and threatened to punch him.

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