Letters to the Editor for July 7

Summer Food Fest a success

To the Editor:

On behalf of Toys for Joy and the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce, we want to thank the community for their support of our 7th Annual Summer Food Fest on June 13 at Westwood Middle School in Blaine. Almost 600 people participated! Our new location was very well received; especially the air-conditioned cafeteria!

Because of the event’s success, we raised additional funds for Toys for Joy, which ensures local children have a toy at Christmas; and the MetroNorth Chamber, which promotes area economic and workforce development. Our nonprofits work hard to make this a fabulous place to live, work, and play, and we express our gratitude to everyone for their support. This event wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors: Allina Health, Blaine Festival Volunteer Committee, AMEC, BNSF Railway, Counselor Realty, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company and SPAAR. Special thanks to the staff at Spring Lake Park District #16 for their assistance as well.

And of course, we are indebted to our food vendors: Acapulco, Broadway Bar & Pizza, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Chick-fil-A, Chili’s, Costco, Counselor Realty, Crooner’s Lounge and Supper Club, Cub Foods, Edgewood Senior Living, Jet’s Pizza, Majestic Oaks, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Outback Steak House, Running Aces, Sam’s Club, Q-Bitez, and Unique Dining Catering.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Feel free to check out the many photos on the Summer Food Fest Facebook site. Thanks again!

Michael Hunstad,
President Toys for Joy

Lori Higgins, President MetroNorth Chamber
of Commerce

Do your own research

To the Editor:

Why is a charge of ‘Islamaphobia’ leveled against those who express genuine concern about the increasing promotion of Islam in public schools across the country? Case in point: Alyson Gullette’s recent letter “Incorrect conclusion perpetuates Islamaphobia” accusing Ms. Barb Anderson of mischaracterizing the situation in the San Diego, Unified School District.

Ms. Gullette referred to one article to defend her view and overlooks the countless other articles that show the concerns of parents not only in San Diego but other areas of California and around the U.S.

Everyone should do their own research on the internet and listen to the concerns and testimonies of parents at that San Diego School Board meeting when the board voted for pro-Islamic changes that include recognizing Muslim holidays and ‘safe spaces’ for Muslim students.

Where are the ‘safe spaces’ for Jewish and Christian students? What happened to Christmas vacation AKA winter break? What happened to Easter vacation AKA spring break? And yet they are going to recognize Muslim holidays?

CAIR was the driving force behind the pro-Islamic changes made in the San Diego public schools. I suggest Ms. Gullette do a study of the Council on American-Islamic Relations before she dismisses CAIR’s agenda for our public schools.

Kelly Janssen
Brooklyn Park

Give the president the benefit of the doubt

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to a letter in the June 9th UnionHerald. This letter is named “Our democracy faces a threat.” Each of us has our own slant on what we want to hear and what we believe. While Mr. Case rants about our current president, I would like to assure him that our country is more than just the person sitting in the White House. We have had good and bad presidents during our Republic. I put trust in the system that allows all that are 35 years old and a native born American to run for that office.

Some might not like the person that’s there now and don’t think he is fit for the office, and there are those that didn’t like the previous one either. Everybody should take deep breath and chill out a little. I would ask that we give the president the benefit of the doubt, and after four years the American people will decide weather or not he should remain. This president is NOT a politician and was elected break up the political parties that have been in there far too long. Now just because he doesn’t fit in that mold he is ridiculed for doing what he said he would do. Remember, in 2020 there will be plenty of idiots vying for that office. Also remember that we are flyover country, and the elites would like us to stay that way. And one last thing: Washington D.C. is on a swamp.

Richard V. Bergling

  • RodKuehn

    Kelly Janssen, my understanding is that the classes identify Islamic holidays, not that schools are closed for the holidays. Closing schools in recognition of any religious holiday is unconstitutional.

    Safe spaces are allotted for student groups who are being harassed. I’ve never heard of Christian students requiring that kind of protection since they are typically the overwhelming majority.

    It is apparent from the school board meeting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8v_g9fzCG4) that many of the parents are opposed to learning about other religions. Such hostility is sufficient grounds in and of itself to mandate religious training and safe spaces.

    Is the purpose of education to learn only what we already know or to give our students an honest look at who lives in the world and how different perspectives vary? Do we really want make a virtue of ignorance?

    I strongly support classes in religious beliefs and in the role of religion in our history and in the formation of our religious liberty. The hotter the flashpoint, the greater the need.

    • Mark Jensen

      Go ahead Rod Kuehn. You have shown your true colors in this argument. It is now obvious to anyone here that you truly do not have America’s best interests in mind. This has been nothing but a political stance by CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) to get public school children indoctrinized to the Muslim faith.

      Rod? Do you support CAIR?

  • mandyfroemming


    Mandy Moran Froemming
    Managing Editor
    ABC Newspapers