Golf column: Setting goals keeps you busy on and off the course

By Scott Roth

Contributing Writer

For those of us who love golf (and the outdoors), this year has been great so far. Other than the massive hail storm a few weeks ago, it has been one of the best weather related starts in the past 10 years. All across the metro the greens are great and the fairways are lush.  

I always get re-energized by the weather this time of year. Warm, sunny and lots of activities to do with friends and family. With this re-energizing comes a stronger focus on my seasonal golf goal. This year I have expanded the definition of what a “hole” is. A hole obviously includes the traditional hole during a round, but also includes playing a hole on our Victory Links putting course and every four balls I hit on the range.

Once again, I’ve set a goal to play a minimum number of holes, not rounds. This year it is the “Road to 500”. By my calculations, with about 32 weeks in the golf season, I need to average just under 18 holes a week. If nothing else, that is a number that will be easy for me to remember. I played about 400 holes last year so this will be a big increase. But it’s worth the effort for the joy it brings.  

It’s always easy to get caught up in everything in life except what brings you joy. For me, after my family, the business end of golf is the most important aspect of my life and I tend to lose grip on the simple act of playing a round and enjoying the beauty of the course. Seems ironic, considering that is why I chose my professional in the first place.  

So far, I have played 260 “holes” this season, and with July 4 always being the halfway point, I’m right on track.    

Do you have a goal for yourself this season? Maybe it is to play more rounds, to play more holes, to have more fun, to spend more time with your family on the course? I challenge you to set a goal for the rest of this year. Remember, it does not even have to be golf related, just set some goal that will help bring more happiness and joy into your life every week.

One way to have more fun is to play from different sets of tees than I normally play. I think it is much more enjoyable to vary things in life, including tees on the course. Heck, move up (or back) a set of tees if you want. It is a great way to see the course in a completely new way.

Most all of us need to get outside more, and golf is a great reason to do just that.  Take a look at the habits of the people in your house. Are your family members glued to screens all day and night? Do they spend much time outside? Are they interacting with anyone, especially in person? Try making a trip to the golf course part of your weekly routine. It can be a great family event.  

Scott Roth is the PGA Director of Golf at Victory Links Golf Course.