Makeover at Andover Cinema complete

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Andover Cinema recently completed a remodeling project that includes new seats and electronic kiosks.

Andover Cinema has new plush seats that recline and can be heated with the push of a button. Photo by Eric Hagen
Andover Cinema has new plush seats that recline and can be heated with the push of a button. Photo by Eric Hagen

The new seats are more plush, they recline and can be heated, according to Terry Jackson, manager of Andover Cinema.

If you’re still shivering after coming into the Andover Cinema on a frigid Minnesota winter day, just press a button like you would in your car to activate the heating coils within the seat. Or perhaps you’re someone who always feels colder than others and just want to feel a little cozier. There’s a low heat and high heat option.

But a big difference from your car seats is the heating coils in these theater seats do automatically turn off after 15 minutes, Jackson said. In other words, don’t worry about scorching yourself because the last person forgot to turn off the heat.

Why heated seats? Jackson said it’s a new amenity that the ownership company – CEC Theatres – wanted to try out.

“People want comfort,” he said.

Installation of the new seats was phased over the past three months and wrapped up on June 30 for the 10-screen theater in Andover, which is located at 1836 Bunker Lake Blvd. NW.

Andover Cinema also added electronic kiosks by its front doors for those who chose their seats in advance and need to check in. Advanced tickets can also be purchased at these kiosks. Jackson said movie distribution companies have a say on how far in advance of opening day that tickets can be sold, but the typical time-frame is five to seven days. Big blockbusters, such as any Star Wars film, have a much longer advance ticket sale allowance.

New seats and kiosks are just the most recent examples of improvements St. Cloud-based CEC Theatres has made to Andover Cinema to keep it competitive with the many other theaters. Jackson said the next project on tap is a bar. There’s no specific timeline, but he said it could come as early as this fall.

Jackson said they did raise ticket prices with the most expensive increase being an additional 50 cents above the old prices for evening showings.

“We try to keep our prices down and family-friendly,” he said.

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