Letter to the Editor

‘Toolkit’ a dangerous guide

To the Editor:

The Minnesota Department of Education has gone too far with their radical gender ideology in the so-called “Toolkit” guide they hastily passed this summer. According to the MDE’s School Safety Technical Assistance Council, biological sex now takes a back seat to self-declared gender.

This dangerous guide uses fabricated terminology such as ‘assigned sex’ — a ridiculous term that denies biology since a baby’s gender can be known during pregnancy through a simple blood test. The sex of a baby is not randomly ‘assigned’ by a doctor at birth; it is identified.

Gender reveal parties, where parents announce to friends and family the sex of their unborn baby, are all the rage. Expectant parents look forward to discovering and announcing — before the birth — whether their baby is a girl or a boy (yes, only two options). Country singer Garth Brooks recently participated in a similar event.

Garth noticed a couple in the audience with a sign that said the couple was expecting a child but they did not yet know the sex of their baby. This couple had brought the ‘gender envelope’ with them and hoped that Garth would reveal it to them in front of the entire audience. Garth took the envelope and made the announcement to the couple and everyone else in the concert hall — that the baby the woman was carrying was a girl.

The MDE’s “Toolkit,” posing as guidelines for Minnesota school districts, contains ridiculous suggestions that there are more than two sexes. Yes, your tax dollars are going toward fueling more of this gender identity nonsense all based on a phony ‘gender spectrum’ that promotes multiple genders. The “Toolkit” ignores science and common sense.

The “Toolkit” transgender guide is not a law and the Minnesota School Board Association is not backing it. School board members in Minnesota have been alerted that they do not have to adopt this.

Tell the MDE to scrap this transgender “Toolkit” and stop bullying the public into accepting this bizarre kind of thinking that is completely out of touch with reality. Our children and teachers deserve better.

Barb Anderson

  • melissa thompson

    More misinformation from Barb Anderson. Rather than waste time refuting her dishonest claims I think its more important to shine a light on something really newsworthy. That she is the Vice President of CPLAction or Child Protection League, a non-profit that shamefully claims to protect children while spending most their time, and about 70% of their donations on attacking them. At least LGBTQ children. It is disgraceful the way she tries to convince readers her concern is genuine, it is not. Her fear mongering is a marketing tactic which has paid quite well. In 2014 they took in over $250,000, yet spent $165,000 of that on promotion! Their math does not add up and their claim to protect children is a sham. I suggest anyone who has donated to CPLAction request to see their financials or do what I did go to GuideStar and look for yourself. https://www.guidestar.org/search

    • K S-E

      Thank you for this wonderful response.

    • Mark Jensen

      If you want to throw stones at Barb Anderson, list all of the Organizations that you are involved in and all of their fund raising activities.

      I assure you that I only speak for myself. I have no ties to any Organizations.

      • melissa thompson

        I’m not involved with any organizations. Just a private citizen and parent sick and tired of her attacking LGBTQ children in our community and school district and don’t think it’s right she is asking for money to keep up her attacks.