UnionHerald Looking Back for Sept. 1

British soldier will share battle stories

The regular meeting of the Anoka Red Cross chapter will be held next Monday evening at 7:30 in Library hall. A special feature on the meeting will be a talk by Ernest Drewett, brother of Rev. Drewett, who has just arrived in Anoka for a visit. Mr. Drewett had extensive experiences on the battle front in Flanders and was an eye witness of the scenes which he will describe.

– 100 years ago, Aug. 29, 1917
Anoka Herald

Anoka prepares for air raids

Anoka is better prepared for air raids than many suppose. A modern air ventilated, secure central station has been prepared. In this station is a room exclusively for incoming calls. This room, like the others, is sound proof. The telephone is equipped so that no outgoing calls can be sent, but in another room is a special telephone for outgoing calls, such as calls to wardens, fire stations, police, etc.

– 75 years ago, Sept. 2, 1942
Anoka County Union

Northwestern Bell opens new info center

Northwestern Bell Telephone Company will open its new $525,000 Information Center in the Coon Rapids telephone building, 1374 Northdale Boulevard Tuesday, Sept. 5, Donald A. LaSalle, manager, said today. Work on the new Information Center was started last November and consisted of the construction of 10,000 square-foot addition to the rear of the Coon Rapids telephone building and installation of 33 positions of new information switchboards and associated electronic and circuit equipment.

– 50 years ago, Sept. 1, 1967
Coon Rapids Herald

Healthier meal choices

Increasingly, students are being given wider choices in their selection of school lunches, and these lunches more and more are providing students with the type of dietary requirements considered part of a healthy lifestyle.

– 25 years ago, Sept. 4, 1992
Anoka County Union

• Compiled by Eric Hagen

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