Letters to the Editor for Sept. 8

Vote no in November

To the Editor:

Vote no on Nov. 7 when the Anoka-Hennepin School District asks for a quarter billion dollars.

Tell your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and anyone else residing in the district to vote no as well.

The district is counting on most people to staying home and forgetting about the off-year ballot. This is precisely the reason the district is requesting funding now because historic voting patterns indicate they can get their money with little opposition from uninformed and absent voters.

Vote no in November!

James Hafner
Coon Rapids

Met Council Chair talks Anoka County partnerships

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Anoka County Commissioners and Columbia Heights Mayor Donna Schmitt for taking the time to meet with me in August. As the newly appointed chair of the Metropolitan Council I am meeting with elected officials from each of the seven counties the Council works with on issues ranging from transit and transportation, wastewater treatment, regional parks and even long-range planning. The future we are building for the region has to have a foundation made up of good partnerships and strong working relationships.

While the Met Council does already have many strong relationships around the region, I know there are many places where those partnerships can be fostered and strengthened.

One of the biggest concerns I heard in Anoka County is the need for funding for important transportation infrastructure. While everyone agreed that we need to continue investing in better roads, bridges and public transit, determining how to best fund those priorities needs to involve frank and meaningful discussion.

I appreciated hearing about the productive partnerships already at work between the Council and Anoka County. And I look forward to additional tours in the future to see more of the work that needs to be done.

I was also pleased to join local officials for the groundbreaking of the 105th Avenue reconstruction project in Blaine. Thank you for the invitation. It is always exciting to see the way partnerships in county, city and state government can support great reconstruction projects that will enhance the road but also improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Survey after survey has named the Twin Cities region as one of the best places to live in the nation, with a thriving economy and a good quality of life. The partnerships we are able to build across city limits and county lines are one of the many reasons for that success.

Alene Tchourumoff
Chair, Metropolitan Council

Respect the vote of those who elected Trump

To the Editor:

There once was a school principal whom most of the students wanted to see get the job. When she did, she reinstated basic values and rules that had been dismissed by other principals which were originally designed to bring stability and security to the classroom. Some students objected. Order, accountability, and selflessness had become a foreign concept. The students felt they did not have to cooperate or function as one student body and offered the principal little if no respect. In fact, they did everything in their power to be disruptive and undermine her efforts. Ironically, their behavior promoted more violence, disrespect, and chaos – the very things they protested against.

School bullies took advantage of the confusion and spread their evil in this ripe environment. Consequently, most of the school year was waisted when so much could have been accomplished. The principal in this hypothetical story is our president, the classroom, our nation, and the students, its citizens. Some of us are acting like these students because we disagree or don’t approve of our elected president.

Just one of many examples was when Maxine Waters (D-California) recently said, “We will resist and impeach you,” referring to President Trump. Shame on you, Rep. Waters for encouraging further division in this nation!

The real mark of maturity and citizenship is to look beyond ourselves, respect those in authority, and work toward the greater good of America. If the shoe fits, I challenge you to respect the vote of those who elected President Trump (as those of us respected President Obama, but may not have agreed with the choice), and work toward building this nation up rather than tearing it down.

If for no other reason, do it for national security. I bet Kim Jong-un, Putin and ISIS delight in our lack of unity. As Americans we need to correct our behavior before we get spanked from the outside.

Steven Johnson
Coon Rapids

  • RegularJoe62

    Mr. Hafner has given no reason, aside from the timing of the vote, for people to vote No on the school levy. Meanwhile, part of the district’s effort to sneak this past unsuspecting voters includes holding the following meetings discussing their “Fit for the Future” initiative:
    Thursday, Sept. 14, Coon Rapids High School
    Tuesday, Sept. 19, Blaine High School
    Wednesday, Sept, 20: Andover High School
    Thursday, Sept. 21, Champlin Park High School
    Tuesday, Sept. 26, Anoka High School
    Each will start at 6:30 p.m.
    Rather than taking Mr. Hafner’s word for it, learn why they want the money and decide for yourself.

  • RodKuehn

    Mr. Johnson,

    Mr. Trump is the primary threat to America and even to the globe.

    His attacks on the free press as an “enemy of the people” is contrary to the First Amendment (“Congress shall make no law … abridging … the press.”) A free press is an absolute requirement to contain the demagoguery of people like Mr. Trump.

    His attacks on the integrity of the vote is exactly what U.S. intelligence services say the Russians want. They want to delegitimize our government.

    He uses the presidency as just another profit stream for his businesses, in direct opposition to the Emolument Clause in the constitution.

    He attacks the very heart of democracy with his continual use of “alternative facts.”

    His early morning twitter rants have reduced the dignity of the presidency to that of an internet troll.

    His science literacy is far below what should be acceptable for a junior high school student. His ignorance of climate and a host of other issues is ridiculous. All facts are subservient to the needs of the religious right and profit.

    We need a real president.

    Resist and Impeach!