UnionHerald Looking Back for Sept. 8

Books for soldiers

While a considerable number of interesting books have been sent in to the public library for the men at the front, there are nowhere near the number needed. There are no doubt hundreds of entertaining volumes on shelves of Anoka people’s bookcases, which are seldom or never opened and would be greatly appreciated by the men in camp.

– 100 years ago, Sept. 5, 1917
Anoka County Union

4-H Club successful at state fair

4-H clubbers of Anoka county have done themselves proud this year in the Minnesota state fair. Probably the outstanding accomplishment thus far is the blue ribbon rating of the county 4-H booth which was put up by a committee of junior leaders and the county extension office. This booth depicted the part that salvage plays in providing ships, guns, tanks, planes and farm machinery.

– 75 years ago, Sept. 9, 1942
Anoka County Union

Controversial Sunny Acres plat approved

A preliminary plat for the controversial Sunny Acres seventh addition was approved by the City Commission Tuesday, along with a final plat for Sunny Acres sixth addition. The two areas involve about 30 lots. Adjacent home owners have objected to the basically one house design that is being constructed by the developers, Village Builders.

– 50 years ago, Sept. 8, 1967
Anoka County Union

Coon Rapids preliminary levy approved

Preliminary approval was given by the Coon Rapids City Council Sept. 8 to the 1993 budget and city property tax levy. The preliminary tax levy totals $7.8 million. But the impact on the taxpayer will be minimal. There is no city tax increase proposed on a $73,200 home and increases of only $1 on $52,400 and $110,000 homes and $2 on a $100,000 home. Homes valued at $151,900 will have a $29 decrease in the city tax burden.

– 25 years ago, Sept. 11, 1992
Coon Rapids Herald

• Compiled by Eric Hagen

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