Letters to the Editor for Sept. 15

Safety net programs critical

To the Editor:

Disaster can strike anywhere. Hurricane Harvey has shown us that we are all vulnerable to circumstances beyond our control, and safety net programs like SNAP (formerly food stamps) can help families through a crisis.

I recently had the opportunity to speak before members of the House Agriculture Committee at Farmfest about the looming threat of federal cuts to crucial nutrition programs. These programs help almost 650,000 Minnesotans meet basic needs every month. As the executive director of Hunger Solutions Minnesota, a statewide organization that engages nearly 300 food shelves, I felt it was necessary to speak out about the danger of cutting SNAP.

For Minnesota, a strong SNAP program has meant that we have been able to: increase the number of seniors who are able to access nutritious foods; respond quickly to the challenge of the recession for families; and keep the safety net available during economic crisis and natural disasters.

-Every month, 12 percent of Minnesota’s population receives SNAP benefits.

-Of that number, 70 percent are people with disabilities, seniors and children.

Federal safety net programs are critical to alleviating hunger in our communities, and the severe cuts in the proposed federal budget jeopardize the health of our people. In Minnesota alone, nearly 120,000 people could lose SNAP benefits and access to nutritious foods — forcing already struggling families to go hungry right now — should these cuts be enacted.

Programs like SNAP are critical to helping all Minnesotans lead healthy lives by keeping nutritious food on struggling families’ tables. It is particularly responsive during disasters, like Hurricane Harvey.

In this state, we have a long legacy of helping our neighbors in need. If federal funding for these programs is cut, it will put an incredible strain on the hunger-relief infrastructure. Ultimately, we would have to turn our backs on our neighbors when they need us most.

I continue to urge our congressional delegation to oppose any cuts to SNAP and to fully fund the Farm Bill’s nutrition programs, which are so important to the health and well-being of Minnesota.

Colleen Moriarty
Hunger Solutions Minnesota

Writer’s argument fails

To the Editor:

Melissa Thompson’s September 1, 2017 letter to the editor attempts to the discredit the very effective work of the Child Protection League, a non-profit organization. It fails miserably on two counts: math and legality of purpose.

First, Thompson states that in 2014 CPL raised $252,750 in gross receipts. She then reports that CPL spent $165,747 of this money “in advertising and promotion”. So far so good. But then she says “71 percent of the donations they received … went to ask for more money.” OK, perhaps she was using Common Core math but this is not 71 percent. It’s 65.5 percent. But her assertion that “advertising and promotion” is the same as “fundraising” is faulty which she proves in her own writing.

She criticizes CPL for using roughly $227,000 of their raised funds to “educate” the public about “proposed legislation” and to “connect with elected officials”. Do the math. This is 90 percent of its raised funds! Education is not fundraising. And she has the audacity to call CPL a sham!

As far as the evil purpose of “education” by CPL, to which Thompson complains, she appears completely ignorant of the fact that one of a non-profit’s organizational purposes, in order to qualify for tax exempt status with the IRS, is to “educate.” She faults a non-profit for doing what they are organized to do. Strange.

But I do thank Ms. Thompson for her letter in one regard. I had no idea that CPL could be so effective at raising awareness of issues which threaten the safety and security of our children, particularly in schools, with so little resources. If you agree with the work of CPL I would encourage you to donate to them at https://mnchildprotectionleague.com/donate/.

Joe Field

Should I be quiet?

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Steven Johnson’s Sept. 8 letter, “Respect the vote of those who elected Trump.”

Respect (political) here is examined in his letter analogous with school discipline versus the school bullies.

The “bullies” are “encouraging further division in this nation!” (Not the president?)

“If for no other reason, do it for national security” meaning we are in danger of ‘war’?

Trump certainly has raised the specter of “war” several times now in eight months!

Mr. Johnson wants us all to obey like we should for a dictator? President Trump scares the ‘h—’ out of me and I should be quiet?

A remarkable analysis indeed. I wonder too, Steve, if Trump has chucked his respect for American ideals and our Constitutionally guaranteed rights of its citizens to dissent.

Mark Nupen

Organization speaks out for children

To the Editor:

Melissa Thompson’s brazenly false smears against the Child Protection League on the pages of this paper are slanderous. Unable to defend her position on the issues, she recklessly invents lies instead.

Donors to CPL know exactly what they’re getting for their money, and it’s why they give. They’re helping an organization fearlessly speak out on behalf of children against the bullying that families, students, and the public are experiencing from those forcing false gender theories, bad laws, and dangerous public policy on our kids.

Thompson zeroes in on 2014, the year the legislature passed the “Safe and Supportive” Schools Act. We called it the “Bullying Bill,” because, under the pretense of “anti-bullying,” this law set up a government agency to force Minnesota children to learn about, affirm and celebrate what is contrary to biology, health, and common sense.

Three years later, Minnesota children are now being intensely indoctrinated into accepting that their gender is based solely on feelings about they think they are—not biological reality. Now they are told they can change genders, be many genders, or be no gender at all.

When the Bullying Bill finally passed, it had become so controversial that not a single Republican supported it after nearly 12 hours of opposition debate on the House floor. CPL used every resource at its disposal—advertising and promotion—to warn parents, the public, and legislators about the dangerous bill. We were correct that the public did not support this radical agenda, because the DFL lost its House majority that year. Minnesota voters pushed back because Democrats voted against the will of the people.

Ms. Thompson, advertising and promotion do not mean fundraising. It means advertising and promoting facts that you intend to silence. And, no, CPL receives no public funding.

Even more disturbing, this controversy has revealed that Thompson and her fellow-travelers routinely threaten free speech by trying to silence anyone willing to challenge the gender identity scam. Disagreement is conveniently labeled hate speech, and then it’s shut down.

CPL will continue speaking up for the kids and defending common sense. Please join us.

Julie Quist
Child Protection League, Board Chair

Off-year referendum troubling

To the Editor:

I also agree with a previous letter writer regarding the Anoka Hennepin School District referendum.

I am not inclined to tell anyone else how to vote; however I do believe that this scheme to present this in an off year election is troubling. Apparently the School Board is not confident that if presented as part of a regular election, which is only one short year away, that the majority of voters will approve it.

They would rather take their chances with a special election with very light turnout. Please let the board know that this is not the way it should be done. This is a pattern with cities and school boards.

It will cost Anoka County thousands of dollars to staff this election.

The decision to spend hundreds of millions of dollars will be decided by a relatively small number of voters.

Please vote, regardless of how you vote. It is important that this large of a decision is not decided by a very small number of voters. Early voting starts Sept. 22.

Don Heikkila
Coon Rapids

  • melissa thompson

    I’ll admit my math was off slightly Joe Field, my bad. My contention however, remains unchanged. There is no measurable benefit to children as a result of all the money collected by CPL Action. There are no full page adds or high priced events to combat drugs addiction or sex trafficking (actual problems facing our youth), just a copied link or forwarded news article. I’m just saying if you’re going to claim to protect kids and solicit public donations then you should be protecting kids…not hurting them. I’m also curious why they haven’t provided any IRS 990’s since 2015. They are required to do so annually, but then again they are also required to register with the Attorney General’s Office and they didn’t do that either.

    • Mark Jensen

      Looks like your World is shrinking. When you try to shove an agenda down the throats of a majority of people who are strongly opposed to it, you get push back. Enough is enough. You are trying to make mental illness politically correct and that needs to end. Gender dysphoria is mental illness. As of today, the World Health Organization recogizes gender dysphoria as a mental disorder and rightly so.

  • RodKuehn

    Sorry, Ms. Quist, but religionists should not be telling scientists about biology. Religionists lack the credentials, comprehension and record of success that genuine science enjoys. Please leave biology to the biologists.

    Too bad you missed the extensive discussions we’ve had about the intricacies of determining gender. It’s much more involved than xx/xy or appearance of external genitals.

    Science is about experimental proof, not “common sense.” “Common sense” tells us that a metal box containing several hundred people cannot fly. Science, not religion, gave us airplanes.

    We find that people are healthier when they understand reality. Too many doctrines have proven destructive and unreliable. Demons, witches and slavery come easily to mind. Did you notice that Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council was flooded out in one of the recent hurricanes? Perhaps a divine judgment?

    The tragedy is that religionists are unable to accept their views on faith. Ever since Darwin, conservative religionists have manufactured their “science” to fit their doctrines.

    To a conservative religionist, the entire world is a hoax or scam. Gender, climate change, evolution, the age of the earth, religious liberty, Jefferson, and the secular Constitution are all “the greatest hoax of all time.” There seems to be a pattern here, don’t you think?

    Ms. Quist, you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. Speech is labeled “hate speech” when it doesn’t comport with the facts. If you want to preach your biblical, pre-science gender doctrine, please feel free. But do it honestly and don’t expect people to accept your stealth religious views as reality when fact-checks are only a Google search away.

    I should add that when Melissa realized her error, she had the integrity to quickly acknowledge the fact. Yet not once in the 20+ years that I’ve been correcting conservative religionists on matters of science have they owned up to a problem.