Ham Lake author loves to make kids laugh

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Ham Lake author Angela Halgrimson is tackling some icky territory with her latest book.

Author Angela Halgrimson
Author Angela Halgrimson

She has recently released her second children’s book titled “Nobody Likes a Booger.”

It is a fun take around trials and tribulations that come with runny noses, something she got first hand experience with while touring elementary schools after the release of her first book, “Lenny the Crow.”

She urges parents of elementary schoolers to “please donate Kleenex” to their child’s classroom.

Halgrimson will be reading from “Nobody Likes a Booger,” and signing copies from 1-3 p.m. at Blaine’s Barnes and Noble location Saturday, Sept. 23.

“There is nothing I like more than to make kids laugh and giggle,” she said.

Halgrimson is a Ham Lake native and lives on the property where she grew up.

“Lenny the Crow” (published in 2013) definitely has roots in her rural upbringing.

Surviving two traumatic brain injuries inspired Halgrimson to become a children’s author, finding success her first book that garnered a Mom’s Choice Award and IPPY Independent Publishing Award.

When pregnant with her son, now 14, Halgrimson suffered from severe preeclampsia that resulted in a brain injury due to a lack of oxygen.

She suffered a second brain trauma several years later when her lungs collapsed during surgery. Lung issues made it impossible for Halgrimson to continue her work as a hair stylist.

“Nobody Likes a Booger”
“Nobody Likes a Booger”

After her injuries she had been told she wouldn’t live a normal life and wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation.

“Instead of crying over that fact I chose a different career path,” she said, very much able to hold a conversation. “I love to try to be positive.”

For those reasons, the Brain Injury Alliance and fighting against the stigma of brain injury is important to her.

She donates a portion of sales from her first book to the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance. Prior to next Saturday’s book signing in Blaine, she will be participating in the Alliance’s Walk for Thought.

Both “Lenny the Crow” and “Nobody Likes a Booger” are illustrated by artist Brian Barber.

She said her books come to her in her dreams, and she writes down ideas feverishly when she wakes up. She has a few other children’s books in progress that she hopes to publish over the next 18 months.

Halgrimson is also a radio show host of “The NOT Boring Book Show,” a MyTalk107.1/PodcastOneMN production.

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