Letters to the Editor for Sept. 22

The family breakdown

To the Editor:

What a better way to control a race than to promote out-of-wedlock births. The Democrat party rewards these women with government assistance for raising babies without husbands. Seventy percent of black babies are born out-of-wedlock. In 1965 Daniel Moynihan Assistant Secretary of Labor to Lyndon Johnson warned the black family was on the verge of a complete breakdown because of the out-of-wedlock births and their dependency on welfare. This is a prescription for a life of poverty and crime.

If black lives matter to the Democrats, why don’t they promote policies that encourage blacks to get married before having babies? Fifty years of voting Democrat by black Americans has resulted in going from 23 percent of out-of-wedlock births to 72 percent. When a child is born into a single family chances of growing up in poverty are much greater.

A Brookings Institute study stated the breakdown of the black family has been the main driver of the wealth gap between whites and blacks. While Republicans promote marriage and teen abstinence, Democrats respond with mockery. White liberals see themselves as superior to blacks, that the Democrats must take care of the blacks.

Blacks remain the Democrats greatest constituents yet blacks after 50 years of voting Democrat are far worse off now than then. Democrats want blacks to remain political zombies. If blacks had good educations, husbands and good jobs why would they need the Democrat party?

Blacks continue voting Democrat and many don’t even know why except they are told the Republicans are racists. But who are the real racists and contributors to the family breakdown? The Democrats.

Tom Pavel
Lino Lakes

Be an educated voter

To the Editor:

I recently attended a meeting at which Anoka-Hennepin School District 11 Superintendent of Schools David Law spoke about the upcoming referendum. His presentation was concise and very informative.

I strongly encourage every eligible voter to educate themselves and others about the needs the referendum addresses. These are areas so important to the students now and in the future.

The last public meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 26 at Anoka High School. Go and ask questions!

If you cannot attend that meeting please look at the information on the website, ahsschools.us/FitForTheFuture, or call 763-506-3383.

Get the information for yourself and be an educated voter!

Kay Froemming

There is no misinformation

To the Editor:

Melissa Thompson wrote an excellent Aug. 11 letter entitled “Polarization our greatest threat.” Here she described herself as “someone who has been an active participant in the ‘us vs. them’ fight.” She graciously apologized for her part in this. Suddenly, however, in her Sept. 1 letter she reversed course and unleashed a vicious, unsubstantiated attack against Barb Anderson and the Child Protection League.

She accused Ms. Anderson of writing a letter “filled with misinformation specifically targeting trans youth and staff who affirm them.” Really? What misinformation? Ms. Thompson conveniently omits offering any evidence of misinformation. Why? Because there is none.

It’s time to have a rational discussion about the facts related to ‘transgenderism.’ For starters, ‘transgender’ children are suffering from a mental illness called gender dysphoria—formerly known as gender identity disorder. Some mistakenly think they were born with a brain of the opposite sex. Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing and adults should never affirm this in a child. When a person believes they are someone they are not, it is a mental disorder.

Gender dysphoria is treatable and curable in many cases. Most children grow out of this passing phase if they are not affirmed in their fantasy by misguided adults. However, if adults around them reinforce this confused thinking, the disorder will persist and cause problems for the child down the road.

For instance, if a boy thinks he’s a girl, his parents and caring adults need to help him understand that this is not true; he is a boy. That is how God made him and his DNA confirms it. Every cell of his body is male. He will always be a boy.

To affirm gender confusion, however, will set a child on a dangerous path of life-long toxic cross-sex hormones and possible gender reassignment surgery down the road (a nice term for removing the genitals)—followed by an extremely high suicide rate.

No one can change their sex—not ever. To teach a child otherwise is child abuse.

Ms. Thompson, you need to look at the facts and stop the personal attacks.

Carol Manske

Generosity is still alive

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago, on my birthday, I chose to eat at Red Lobster along with about 20 other gals from our “Aquabelles” group from Lifetime Fitness Club. We had great food and great service when at the end, we asked for each of our checks.

We were then told our meals all were paid for. Who this person was, we have no idea, but we so appreciated your generosity and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I hope you reads this. Thank you, thank you.

Phyl Erickson
Coon Rapids

  • melissa thompson

    Wow! Tom Pavel…just wow. (And not a good wow either)

    • Mark Jensen

      Exactly!! Now you know how the rest of the World feels like when you shove your transgender agenda down the throats of people and then try to tell them that if they don’t accept biological men in women’s bathrooms that they are ‘bullying’ them.

      Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. It is not ‘bullying’ to call it out as such.

      By the way I noticed that you only responded with a “Wow!”… “just wow.(And not a good wow either).”

      Yeah. What Tom Pavel wrote was shocking and should invoke a “Wow” reaction from everyone. The real shocking thing is that you, Melissa, didn’t refute anything he said because you couldn’t. Everything he stated is a fact and the fact that you can only state “Wow” speaks volumes.

      • melissa thompson

        Move on Mark.

        • Mark Jensen

          I’ll move on when you move on Melissa. Until then, as long as I still have girls in the school district, I need to keep them safe from Political Advocates like you that will soon no longer have a reason to advocate because your childern will be out of the district. I will continue to fight advocates like you that want to infiltrate their locker rooms and bathroom with transgender people suffering from mental illness.

          I’ll move on when my girls are out of the school district and you move on Melissa.

  • John kane

    Tom Pavel, maybe we should steralize all the non whites as soon as they are born. After a few generations they would just disappear and you would have your all white country. You disgust!

    • Mark Jensen

      Maybe we should stop looking the other way and stop saying that an over 70% single mother birth rate is acceptable amongst the African American community. What did Tom Pavel say that wasn’t fact?

      Everthing he stated was a fact and it is sad that over 70% of all Black children are born into single family homes but that is not Tom Pavel’s crime for stating it. It is the crime of society to look the other way because it is politically correct to do so and say there isn’t a problem.

      John Kane, you disgust! You and your acceptance of this fact is the problem. You keep perpetuating the myth that people who simply point out facts are somehow racists. Take a look in the mirror. Who is really the racist here? Who is looking the other way and perpetuating a destructive culture?

  • Mark Jensen

    You forgot to add the reason that the WHO is doing this. It is not because the WHO believes that gender dysphoria is no longer a mental disorder, they are doing it because it will open doors to healthcare. In other words, if the WHO comes out and says that gender dysphoria is something other than a mental disorder, then it will open up channels for healthcare provided gender reassignment surgery. That is what this is all about.

    The Left, and Rod Kuehn, wants to make mental illness politically correct. The WHO has no idea where to even catagorized gender dysphoria. They are contemplating coming up with a completely new sexual disorder category just to satisfy the Left.

    Your statement that, “The only supporters of sexual diversity as a mental disease are conservative religionists who have a doctrinal axe to grind” is insulting. It is supported by most of Americans and most of us who have a higher degree in science that can see through the nonsense being put forth by you and the rest of the Left and believe that gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

    • RodKuehn

      “A condition is designated as a mental illness when the very fact that you have it causes distress and dysfunction, said Geoffrey Reed, a professor of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a consultant on ICD-11 and co-author of the study. The study argues that this is not the case with transgender identity…

      Reed found that many of the people he interviewed experienced a lot of distress in their lives. Later, using mathematical modeling, he found a good way to predict who was suffering — but the most important determining factor was not being transgender, it was something else.

      “We found distress and dysfunction were very powerfully predicted by the experiences of social rejection or violence that people had,” he said. “But they were not actually predicted by gender incongruence itself.”

      In other words, Mark, the problem is societal prejudice and not the mere fact of atypical sexuality.

      You’ll notice that I quote only legitimate authorities. I don’t quote any lefty politicians or strategists. Just experts in the appropriate field. It isn’t left or right – it’s just science. I never ask readers to accept my “higher degree in science” and I’m always ready to provide sources if challenged.

      You, on the other hand, do not provide sources. You specialize in nitpicking as a dodge. You comment that WHO currently registers transgender as a mental condition deliberately ignores the fact that the new standards are sailing thru the various WHO committees and will be implemented in the new version. You also ignore all the American organizations that have dropped the mental illness designation. You have yet to provide a single legitimate (non-religion based) reference for continuing with the mental illness silliness. That’s dodging and obfuscating. That’s why I almost never respond to your posts.

      You also impugn my sources by implying that they’re politicized. Yet you never offer evidence. Ever. Your attacks on the scientific community reduce the effectiveness of the only reliable guide we have to the monstrous problems now facing us. You substitute silly-science and you do it for doctrinal advantage.

      Please explain how your “higher degree of science” overrides Dr. Reed. Also please specify what your “higher degree of science” consists of.

      As far as being politically correct is concerned, it is irrelevant because I’m just quoting from WHO. However, Wikipedia’s definition is “The term political correctness … is used to describe the avoidance of language or actions that are seen as excluding, marginalizing, or insulting groups of people who are seen as disadvantaged or discriminated against, especially groups defined by sex or race.” I support it 100%.

      I believe people should be free to be the best they can be, as long as it isn’t at someone else’s expense. I take real pleasure in seeing a variety of people. In this case, a transgender person has injured nobody and has a deep motivation for their views. I’m ok with that and object to people who attack them on the basis of religious doctrine concealed beneath a veneer of silly-science.

      You note that I offend many mental illness advocates. Perhaps so. I may also offend those 25% of Americans who believe the Sun rotates around the Earth. The fact is that Americans are pathetically illiterate in their understanding of science and conservative religion / conservative politicians are the major part of the problem.

      The damage done to the nation, globe, and future generations by scientific illiterates is incalculable. Just ask a Puerto Rican whose home was recently destroyed by a jumbo hurricane.

      I wouldn’t want it on my conscience.

      • Mark Jensen

        Here is Science Daily’s comments on Geoffery Reed.


        Here are some excerpts from that article.

        Although the study includes a relatively large sample of transgender people, the authors warn of some important limitations. For example, the study was a volunteer sample, so was not representative of the population and participants’ experiences were based on their recollection of events, which can be subject to bias. However, the authors note that a similar study would be difficult to conduct prospectively as this would involve children.

        “Rates of experiences related to social rejection and violence were extremely high in this study, and the frequency with which this occurred within participants own families is particularly disturbing. Unfortunately, the level of maltreatment experienced in this sample is consistent with other studies from around the world. This study highlights the need for policies and programs to reduce stigmatization and victimization of this population. The removal of transgender diagnoses from the classification of mental disorders can be a useful part of those efforts,” says Dr Robles.

        Rod you continue to dodge the real question here. You are not being honest with the readers here. I’ll be honest here. There is nobody, except those on the lunatic fringe of science, denying that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. The whole issue has absolutely nothing to do with science. It is everything to do with insurance and who is going to pay for treatment and procedures. By saying gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, opens up all new avenues to force health insurance companies to pay for all sorts of procedures including gender reassignment surgery.

        Time to be honest here, Rod. This whole argument has nothing to do with whether or not gender dysphoria is a mental illness. It has everything to do with who is going to pay for the ‘mental illness’ repercussions.

      • Mark Jensen

        Give it up Rod. Genetics, biology and science are just not on your side. Given a DNA sample of every person in America, I can tell you with absolute certainty what their biological sex is. Given all their DNA samples, I cannot tell you for a second what sex they THINK they are.

        Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, period.

        • RodKuehn

          As I said before – many times, you have not produced a single legit scientist who supports the mental illness theory. Not one.

          There are always ways of improving scientific results. The evidence at this point strongly supports a problem with public prejudice, not personal mental illness.

          Destructive doctrines, not diversity, is the problem.

          Nor can you find a legit geneticist or other relevant health professional who will verify your comment that “Given a DNA sample of every person in America, I can tell you with absolute certainty what their biological sex is.”

          Lots of talk. Lots of stealth doctrine. No scientific support.

          Never did catch your “higher scientific background”…

          • Mark Jensen


            What specific scientist do I need to put forth? The World Health Organization currently classifies Gender Dysphoria as a mental illness. It is their position as we speak. That is a fact, and until they change that, it remains the view of the World Health Organization. You can contemplate all you want as to what they will do in the future, but all you are doing is speculating.

            Are you actually stating that given a DNA sample that a geneticist cannot tell if that DNA sample was from a biological male or female? Except for some sort of genetic abnormality, every geneticist can tell from a DNA sample if it came from a biological male or a biological female. Please don’t put forth your genetic defect argument. It’s rediculous and absurd.


            The simplest thing that DNA can tell you is biological sex.

          • RodKuehn

            Under average circumstances, that’s true. Intersex includes a small percentage of people where this doesn’t hold. I’ve discussed this before but you have a doctrinal master and are simply not open to new discoveries. For the record…


            “they were born with some combination of chromosomes, hormones, gonads or genitals that defy social expectations of sex, including the expectation that sex is dichotomous. “Intersex” is a broad umbrella that is often used to encompass dozens of variations, from unusual karyotypes, such as XXY, to hormone insensitivities that can cause a person with XY chromosomes and internal testes to develop as an externally typical female.

            The question of who exactly counts as intersex isn’t a simple one. Like Adams, a small number of infants — often estimated at 1 in 2,000 — are born with noticeably atypical genitals. But under the most expansive definition, intersex people constitute up to 1.7 percent of the population. This larger number includes many intersex traits that go undiscovered until puberty fails to occur in adolescence, or until infertility raises questions in adulthood. And it accounts for the fact that some intersex people are never diagnosed.”

            You have not produced a single supportive source for either the “mental illness” or genetics issue. Not surprising. The Bible never was much good on science.

            Nor have you enlightened us about your “higher scientific background.”

            I support PC. Intersex people should be encouraged to be who they are.

            Sex is not binary. ONLY conservative religionists claim otherwise because ONLY conservative religionists must defend 2000-year-old science. Your doctrines are as obsolete and as gratuitously cruel as ever.

          • Mark Jensen

            You actually stated, “Under average circumstances, that’s true. Intersex includes a small percentage of people where this doesn’t hold.”

            Well then STATE THAT PERCENTAGE!! It is not only small, it is miniscule.

            I went through the Math with you months ago, whether or not a teacher in a school district in Minnesota would ever encounter one of these intersex DNA students.

            Stop telling everyone that transgerism is a biological disorder. It is obviously a psychological disorder. Except for a rare birth defect, with a blood sample I can tell the biological sex of every student in the World. I cannot tell you for a second, what sex they THINK they are.

            Gender Dysphoria is psychological, not biological.

  • Mark Jensen

    Are you angry with me because I challenged you to state one thing that Tom Pavel wrote that was not a fact? Instead, you just insinuate that his comments are racist because most people cannot believe what he wrote about the African American community is actually true. Too bad. It is all true and people like you who look the other way and say that this is acceptable are part of the problem. The Democrats and their ‘War on Povery’ has been an absolute failure. We have had 50 years of Government trying to resolve poverty and all we have to show for it is generational povery and Democrats wanting to get more and more people on government programs because getting people dependent on the government means votes.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting a party that sells government programs for votes.

    • RodKuehn

      I see you’re making a practice of “liking” your own posts. Lol!

      • Mark Jensen

        I hadn’t noticed. But since you think it’s a bad thing, I thinkk it’s a great thing.