Letters to the Editor for Sept. 29

Many prefer ‘off-year’ votes

To the Editor:

I grew up in rural North Dakota and worked in rural Minnesota many years. The citizens preferred “off year local elections and referendums”. Why? Because we could examine the facts and local candidates. We were able to debate the issues without having to put up with state and federal campaign “clutter”.

Yes, it cost a little more but the majority of voters realized it was worth every penny to assure a positive future, for all ages.

Get out and vote! Early voting began Sept. 22. Check your county website for more information.

Patrick Vandrovec

Support for Herda

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly express my support for Brian Herda who is running for the District 4 seat on the Anoka-Hennepin School Board. This seat is currently held by William Fields who has decided not to pursue another four-year term on the board. District 4 includes most of Andover, Ham Lake, portions of Ramsey, Nowthen, and Oak Grove.

I was first introduced to Brian about four years ago through his wife (Pam) whom I have worked with for the last seven years. Pam is a teacher in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

Student academics is a top priority for Brian. He believes our public-school system should focus on providing a solid academic curriculum to our students, leave social issues out of the classroom and support pro-privacy for all students.

Brian has an accounting degree from Bethel University, has passed the CPA exam and will see to it that the Anoka-Hennepin School Board is maximizing taxpayer dollars.

Brian has two sons that graduated from Andover High School and has spent countless hours over the past 20 years serving his community by volunteering for Andover youth sports. He also served as treasurer for Andover youth football and Andover traveling basketball. He’s also a referee for the Twin Cities Youth Football League.

Based on Mr. Herda’s educational background, his experience and expertise in the financial services industry, and his commitment to the community, it is clear to me that he would be a vital asset to the Anoka-Hennepin School Board.

Please join me in supporting Brian Herda for School Board when you head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Please note that voting locations may be different than during a presidential election year. Information is available at: http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/.

Thank you for supporting Brian Herda for School Board.

Laurie Thompson

Fair approach to immigration issue

To the Editor:

The immigration issue is in the news again. Now it is about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. When people come across the border, mainly from Mexico, without due process they are called illegal immigrates. I thought that meant that they broke the law, but the left and the main stream media do not interrupt the word illegal as breaking the law. We have to get our definitions clarified.

The problem is that over a very long period of time even the elected officials did not enforce the immigration laws. So where does that lead, except to a lot of “illegal” immigrants in this country. In other words “that horse as left the barn.”

We can’t send all the illegal immigrants back across the border.

The adults and the DACA people should be allowed to have a process to citizenship, if they are not convicted of a felony. A process should be set up to require illegal immigrants to be given a time limit to come forward, pay a reasonable fee and then simply go through the normal process as everyone else has done when they came into the country.

If the illegals don’t want to make an effort to do the right thing and become a citizen, then they need to be deported. This seems to be a fair approach to this whole immigration issue.

The self entitlement mentality has been ingrained into our culture. I believe that is why so many people are not willing to do anything to help themselves, but simply relay on the government handouts, including citizenship.

The Democratic Party supports open borders for only one reason, they want more voters who want all kinds of entitlements and in turn will vote for Democrats. This will lead to a dead end.

We now have an administration willing to finally get this issue resolved.

The border security at the border has slowed down the flow of illegal immigration, by having an administration willing to state a position of sovereignty. Let us support that effort which will helps all citizens to a better life.

Gene Hodel
Oak Grove

Time is right for referendum vote

To the Editor:

Recent letters to the editor have disagreed with the timing of Anoka-Hennepin’s upcoming referendum for facilities. The fact is the district is holding elections for three of six school board members this fall, making a district-wide referendum a logical and cost-effective action. There is no added cost for the “Fit for the future” questions. Further, schools are crowded now with increasing enrollment and the space solutions are needed as soon as possible to provide relief. Building of new homes in Ramsey and Blaine continues at an increasing rate.

The School Board appointed a 32-member community task force to make recommendations regarding our facilities. That group began meeting in April 2016 before submitting their findings in January, which including calling a referendum election this fall. This newspaper has included numerous front-page articles regarding the task force process and the referendum decision, so a vote this fall should come as no surprise.

The Fit for the Future plan is represented by a puzzle piece, a two-question facilities and operations plan that solve needs for space and addresses class size issues in our district. Removing 62 portable classrooms and providing perimeter security at all schools is a priority. Enrollment continues to grow and crowding is impacting our students. Please get informed on the issues and vote in the Fit for the Future referendum on or before Nov. 7.

Tom Heidemann

Chair, Anoka-Hennepin School Board

Doesn’t deserve to drive

To the Editor:

The motorist, Beth Freeman, was on drugs when she hit and killed police officer Bill Mathews, who was doing his job.

Ms. Freeman was not going to work, or returning home from a job. No!! She was on her cell phone. Ms. Freeman had no drivers license, had not had one for years because of drinking, drugs and careless driving, etc.

I think if the judges didn’t just say naught, but used some consequences, maybe a police officer and father would still be alive. God gives all two feet and if all else fails, they can ride a bicycle.

I think any judge who lets someone drive who had 13 violations, yes 13, should be charged as she is.

Maybe if judges were found guilty, we would not be mourning the deaths of a loved one by someone who has no right to be behind the wheel.

We don’t give a gun back to someone who robs a bank. Then why give a car back?

Clara Bragelman